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Update on k0nsl.org

I wiped the entire server and relocated k0nsl.org onto a container because I realized that I did not need all the resources of ‘Eicke’ allocated soley for k0nsl.org. I ran Centos on it earlier, but now it runs a Debianesque fork as the base system and nginx+fastcgi for web without a proxied stack. I just

What People Search For: Most Popular Keyword

Billions of searches are made each day on various search engines and social networking Web Pages by people all around the globe. What are they looking for? In the case of k0nsl.org most people seem to be interested in Irma Grese; especially Poles and Russians are predominate in my statistical software with Germany and USA

Proxy Configuration for k0nsl.org

Here’s my very simple proxy configuration for k0nsl.org with an upstream declared which contains one additional server for backup. This configuration only shows parts of the entire nginx configuration, here’s the gist of it:   [gist]http://gist.github.com/4537397[/gist]   I know the timeout is a bit high, but it was necessary for something specific I did – will lower

k0nsl.org Blacklisted by McAfee SiteAdvisor

For reasons unknown to me McAfee TrustedSource / SiteAdvisor (McAfee) have blacklisted my domain k0nsl.org – but they never tried to inform me about this, nor have they even presented a case for their reason to blacklist the domain, they merely write: [blockquote]McAfee TrustedSource web reputation analysis found potential suspicious behavior on this site which may pose

Minor changes done

Today I’ve done some minor changes to both the blog and some changes in the server. Added static page for the main page where people can apply for hosting with ease. Completely re-wrote the vhost for k0nsl.org so now everything should be cached by nginx, except some stuff of course. I’m currently testing that configuration