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Anonymous: “Israel, all your base are belong to us.”

The proficient defacement (there’s probably a much better denomination for this, but—) group Anonymous has declared on their Twitter: [quote]Israel, all your base are belong to us.[/quote] The Next Web reported that Anonymous currently has defaced more than 600 web pages and/or servers associated with Israel in one way or the other. They have apparently also posted databases containing e-mails, logins

A Short Comment on the Israel-Hamas War

As I was reading an article titled ‘Unbelievable: The IDF Has Gamified Its War Blog’, I quickly realized that I’ve more or less completely missed most of this issue – but I quickly understood that the Jews are waging a so-called Cyber War targeting social media to spread their fictitious and trumped up propaganda. What people seem to forget – and particularly

Easiest way to block Israel

I have decided to block requests on our server originating from Israel, for a lot of reasons. We have encountered a lot of disturbance from Israel based hosts/IPs, and not only that; I believe Israel as a state has no foundation in history, modern, or in olden times. They stole the country from the Palestinians

Web Hosting Talk Engages in Censorship

Webhostingtalk.com apparently engages in censorship because they’re afraid what would become of the debate about which presidential candidate is the best choice – but the discussion started to circulate more about the unfortunate meddling (and conflict creation) USA engages in: regardless of who is steering the rudder. I calculated that the entire topic either would be deleted,

Roland Freisler was a “fat fuck”?

As allegations hail in all directions we often don’t question them or at least ask the one making the allegation to back it up with evidence, or the very least with a source. Not so with myself – I find myself asking for evidence and sources quite a lot, more so since people make some