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Are Foreign Lobbies Legal or Treason?

Adolf Hiter said in Mein Kampf on the coming struggles: “No one can doubt that this world will one day be exposed to the severest struggles for the existence of mankind. In the end, only the urge for self-preservation will triumph. Beneath it so-called humanity — that expression of a mixture of stupidity, cowardice and know-it-all conceit

Israel Bombs Syria

According to several reports Israel has bombed Syria yesterday and according to Syrian military the strike killed two people and wounded five. The goal was a research facility in Syria, according to Syrian military. Israel is characterised in the following manner by the Swedish media site nationell.nu: Israel is a racist terrorist state hailed by political parties

BLOOD PASSOVER: Complete English Text

The following translation was performed free of charge to protest an injustice: the destruction by the ADL of Ariel Toaff’s BLOOD PASSOVER on Jewish ritual murder. The author is the son of the Chief Rabbi of Rome, and a professor of Jewish Renaissance and Medieval History at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, just outside Tel Aviv.

The Other Israel: The Whole Story of Zionist Conspiracy

[videojs mp4=”https://k0nsl.org/bag/media/TheOtherIsrael01_k0nsl.mp4″] [divider]Information[/divider] In this video, Dr. Theodore Pike, who holds a degree in theology, reveals the real Judaism and the real Israel. He exposes the Talmud, the Jews’ holy book of the law, as a wicked and vile guide full of satanic sayings. Ted Pike also unmasks the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish religious system

Ex-Shill: Confessions of an Internet Shill

I found this post originally on Conscious Life News and thought it quite interesting, so here is a complete re-post. The type of propaganda strategy described in the confession below is widely used all over the Internet – but occurs, undoubtedly, most frequently in-regard to Israel and the Holocaust issue. People are paid to promote agenda beneficial for

Music: A Tribute To America’s Wars

Here’s a little “tribute” to America’s wars. I see countless of blog posts and entries all over the Internet asking “who is profiting from these wars?” and “why are we fighting all these wars?”. What’s ironic in all of this is that these questions are for the most part asked by clueless Americans. Well the

Google pours money into Israeli startups

I keep seeing and hearing about various start-ups being promoted and even funded by Google, all the time. Nothing wrong with that, though. Just last week they helped fund a new start-up project in Israel. Describing Google’s own start-up, they wrote: [blockquote]In 1998, when Larry and Sergey founded Google, we were a start-up in a