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Major Cranfield’s Closing Address on Behalf of Irma Grese

The following is excerpts from The Belsen Trial transcript regarding the closing argument of Major Cranfield on behalf of Irma Grese: [divider]Major Cranfield Closing Argument[/divider] The evidence of Diament against Grese regarding the latter’s responsibility for selecting victims for the gas chamber was vague. Regarding Lobowitz’s allegation against Grese, Counsel asked whether, however conscientious the

Open Letter to Irma Grese

This is a “letter” from a vindictive and thoroughly hateful Jewess named (or called, as she says) “Isabella Rubinstein” who claims to have been an inmate at Auschwitz-Birkenau when Irma Grese served there as an auxiliary to the SS. This Jewess also says she ‘surived the gas chambers by stroke of luck’.  The original article was published

What People Search For: Most Popular Keyword

Billions of searches are made each day on various search engines and social networking Web Pages by people all around the globe. What are they looking for? In the case of k0nsl.org most people seem to be interested in Irma Grese; especially Poles and Russians are predominate in my statistical software with Germany and USA

Someone to Remember: Irma Grese

Someone I think we must pay our respects and remember today is the brave Irma Grese. She truly exemplifies what a German should be like. What a girl. She never wavered or relinquished her faith  – even in the face of hopelessness and death. Always steadfast. She was hanged on absolutely false charges from beginning to the end