Crystal Premo on Irma Grese

Crystal Premo writes:

I think the Nazi era revealed that, given the appropriate circumstances, people like Irma blossom. People with the potential to be insanely cruel are all around us. Don’t we all know someone who has a darker nature? It has been estimated that sociopaths make up 4% of the human population. I have known many who are barely keeping those tendencies under control because they know the consequences. If the consequences are removed, the behaviors flourish. The Nazis threw open the doors for people like Irma. I have been shocked by what has emerged in the American culture recently. A lot of these people are in our government. Scary.

Okay, let’s see, first of all: what is ‘people like Irma Grese’? From my understanding of the history and from reading the available court material along with books published by so-called ‘holocaust survivors’, this girl — Irma Grese — never did anything illegal, nor anything which was against the law. She ran afoul of lousy accusations from revenge filled former inmates — people whom Irma Grese had looked after when she was doing her job as overseer. At one point she even cried out to one Jewess; ‘Don’t die! Your friends, the Americans, are here!’. And so forth. Anybody with a pea brain and the capability to objectively think for themselves can draw the conclusions from her encouraging statement. Mrs. Premo fails in that respect, however.


Under ‘the Nazis’ order was restored and one could only get employment in the SS (as auxiliary or overseer, in the case of Ms. Grese) if one had a clean record. No criminals were allowed – with only few exceptions, and only later on in that horrific war, when the Germans needed everybody who could be of use in the defense of the Reich.


Your personal anecdotes about American culture is irrelevant. If the American government would’ve had men and women of Irma Grese’s calibre the world and in particular America would be a much better place to live — you can be sure of it, Mrs. Premo.


If there’s an error anywhere in this text that’s because it was written spontaneously and hastily. I might add more to it at a later time.


Major Cranfield’s Closing Address on Behalf of Irma Grese

The following is excerpts from The Belsen Trial transcript regarding the closing argument of Major Cranfield on behalf of Irma Grese:

Major Cranfield Closing Argument

The evidence of Diament against Grese regarding the latter’s responsibility for selecting victims for the gas chamber was vague. Regarding Lobowitz’s allegation against Grese, Counsel asked whether, however conscientious the accused was, it was not absolute nonsense to suggest that roll-calls went on from six to eight hours each day? He also threw doubt on the credibility of Neiger’s words.

As against Triszinska’s allegation concerning Grese’s dog, the Court had heard the accused deny that she ever had a dog, and that has been corroborated by others of the accused and by other witnesses from Auschwitz.

Regarding Kopper’s story of the punishment Kommando, Counsel referred to Grese’s evidence that she was in charge of the punishment Kommando for two days only, and in charge of the Strassenbaukommando, which was a type of punishment Kommando, for two weeks. The allegation of Kopper in her affidavit was that she was in charge of the punishment Kommando in Auschwitz from 1942 to 1944, but in the box she said that the accused was in charge of the punishment company working outside the camp for seven months. In the box she failed to reconcile those two statements. Was it probable that Grese would be in charge, the only Overseer, of a Kommando 800 strong, with an S.S. man, Herschel, to assist her? If 30 prisoners were killed each day, should there not have been some corroboration of this story?

Counsel asked the Court to disbelieve Szafran’s story about the shooting of the two girls, in view of Hoessler’s statement that the windows of the block in question were fixed windows. The story was told neither in Szafran’s affidavit nor even during her examination; she produced it on re-examination.

Commenting on the allegation of Ilona Stein, Counsel asked whether the Court believed, in view of the evidence, that an Overseer had any power to give an order to an S.S. guard? He pointed out that the witness, in her affidavit, said: “I did not hear the order”. He doubted also whether Grese could have beaten anyone with a belt as flimsy as that worn by an Overseer at Auschwitz, one of which was produced as an exhibit.

Eleven witnesses had recognized Grese in Court. Of these eleven five made no allegation of any kind against her. This fact threw doubt on the evidence of those witnesses who said that she was notorious, a ferocious savage and the worst S.S. woman.


Law-Reports of Trials of War Criminals, The United Nations War Crimes Commission, Volume II, London, HMSO, 1947.


Open Letter to Irma Grese

This is a “letter” from a vindictive and thoroughly hateful Jewess named (or called, as she says) “Isabella Rubinstein” who claims to have been an inmate at Auschwitz-Birkenau when Irma Grese served there as an auxiliary to the SS. This Jewess also says she ‘surived the gas chambers by stroke of luck’.  The original article was published in the 1945 edition of The Palestine Post.

Joseph Bellinger characterizes Ms. Grese’s work at Auschwitz-Birkenau in the following manner:

Grese’s duties at Auschwitz varied. Most of her work was rather benign, such as sorting through parcels and overseeing construction projects. However, from May until December, 1944, Grese was appointed senior Aufseherin for Compound C which turned out to be the eventual cause of her undoing. There she had to oversee 20-30,000 Hungarian Jewesses, all held in protective custody. The huge influx of detainees created problems which were addressed with difficulty by the relatively young and inexperienced Grese. Most of the problems centered around the distribution of food. The overcrowding also led to sanitation problems, which Grese was scarcely capable of handling. The detainees themselves helped to create many of the problem situations, as at Belsen, where they urinated and defecated whenever and wherever the urge struck them. They also filled the latrines and compound with trash and filth, so much so that the latrines eventually ceased to function.
This would explain the pervasive stench around Auschwitz and another reason why it was referred to as ‘Anus Mundi’.

Source: http://k0nsl.org/blog/detox/a-german-girls-heroic-death/

I have highlighted, in red color, some of the more interesting nonsense in Isabella Rubinstein’s pompous letter to Ms. Grese.

Letter from ‘Schutzhaeftling No. 45554’

Frau Aufseherin Grese,

You are on trial and a Major Winwood is your defence counsel. I am one of your victims, by some stroke of luck, one of the few to survive, and I cannot understand why you, the “terror of Oswiecim,” should have been granted the protection of the law to that extent. You were responsible for the destruction of so many lives, that it is hardly possible that there can be any justification for your deeds, which brought sorrow and torture to so many thousands.

You will no doubt plead that you were under orders, bound to obey the SS formation of which you were a member. But there can be no excuse for the new tortures and forms of persecution which you evolved, no justification for the way in which you gave rein to your beastly sadism.

‘Justice’ Must Be Done

We still await the verdict. You may have to face a firing squad or you may be hanged by the neck until you are dead. Even so, your victims will not consider that justice has been done. Only if you are made to suffer as you made others suffer can it be said that justice will have been done.

We, your victims, do not want you to die. We would much rather that you live, as we had to, with billows of filthy black smoke from the chimneys of the crematoria.

We want to see you dragging heavy stones, barefoot and in rags. We want to see you beaten, cruelly and mercilessly, as you, cruel and without mercy, beat us. We want to watch you being jeered at, as you jeered and mocked us in our despair. We want you to go so hungry that you cannot sleep at night, as we could not. We want to see your blonde hair shaved off, as you made us shave our heads.

You, too, must be forced to look on while those who are dear to you are burned to death.

We want to see you, the “handsome girl,” degenerate into a “muselweib”, a bag of skin and bones, through hunger and exhaustion, like those of us who were jeered at and called by this name. You too should be turned over to the “Himmelskommando” who will show you, as they showed us, the “road to heaven” through the gas chambers. Let them push you alive into the furnace of the crematorium, as they did with so many of us.

All these things have been done to countless thousands of us, your victims. Only if they are done to you in your turn will justice have been done. You made us suffer the torments of hell. Now it is our turn to hate you and to cry out for revenge.

“Achtung, Frau Aufseher Grese kommt!” (Attenshun! Warder Grese’s coming). I shall never forget the terror that this command struck in our hearts. I shall remember you as you strutted through the camp in your SS uniform, that enormous dog by your side which you used to love to set on us “just for fun.” I shall always remember your gleaming and elegant jackboots, and the way you kicked us with them.

I was one of thousands. The number they gave me, No. 45554, is tattooed on my arm and will go with me to my grave. There I was, a dirty grey rag tied round my shaved head, wearing the trousers of a Red Army soldier who had been tortured to death, and a ragged shirt, bearing on it my number and a Shield of David.

As you came along, I stood stiffly to attention, though my feet could scarcely bear the weight of my body, emaciated though it was I wore wooden clogs, both for the left foot and far too big. I had to wind rags around my feet – and the rags were torn “tallesim,” the prayer shawls of my religion. The clogs tore at my feet, but the ragged “tallesim” tore at my heart. What did you care about all this? You walked through our lines like a tyrant, your hands gloved so as not to come into contact with us even when you whipped us. Did you never feel the burning hate that smouldered in the thousands of eyes fixed upon you?

By some good fortune I escaped the gas chambers and the “Himmelskommando.” I am alive and free. I look like an ordinary human being again. Even my hair has grown. I wear shoes that fit, socks of the same colour, clean linen and an ordinary frock, without stripes, without a number and without the Shield of David. But on my arm I still carry my prison number – 45554 – for no one and nothing can erase that. I am not ordered to go at the double. I am not guarded by a sentry. I am free to come and go as I will.

Sometimes I wake while it is still dark, thinking for a few brief seconds that I have to be on parade at 6 a.m. But, thanks be to God, those days have gone. I can speak to a man without being whipped to within an inch of my life. And… I again have a name, a first name and a surname. Once more I am “Isabella,” or “Miss Rubinstein.” Only the blue mark on my arm reminds me that I was once No. 45554.

One Example

You are in the dock, Warder (sic!) Grese, and evidence is being given for and against you. I could fill a book with the list of your crimes. Let me remind you of only one of them, not the worst of them, but typical. Do you remember a day in June 1943? It was at Camp Birkmann, Block 14. On one side of the square the Aryan women were lined up, and on the other, the Jewesses.

Behind us there was a bench where a few women were sitting, so broken in body and spirit that they could not stand on parade. As you passed, one of the poor wretched creatures made an involuntary gesture of fear.

You, Irma Grese, made out that she tried to kick you.

That she, poor victim of the Nazi terror, should have tried to kick you, the mistress of life and death for her, – what a cruel joke! Do you remember what you did to her? You pushed her into the middle of the square, though she could scarcely walk. You made her kneel on the flagstones, made her hold two heavy pieces of rock above her head, made her repeat incessantly “I kicked the Warder! I kicked the Warder!” I was so frightened that I couldn’t count how many strokes of your whip you gave her. Perhaps you remember.

Then your friend Ritter of the SS came along. He began to kick her in the face with his spurred jackboots, until the blood ran. Then you shouted, “Get up, you…” and let the woman go back to her cell.

Two weeks later she was dead.

Our Verdict

You have forgotten all these things. You plead mitigating circumstances as you stand on trial. The eyes of the world are fixed on Lueneburg, awaiting the verdict.

But your victims have already passed judgment on you.

We sentence you to live and suffer as we did, and never again to see the light of freedom.

Schutzhaeftling No. 45554 – (Now again called; Isabella Rubinstein)



Helene Grese: Evidence for the Defendant Irma Grese



HELENE GRESE, sworn, examined by Major CRANFIELDI am the sister of Irma Grese, 20 years old, and live at Wrecken in Wreckensburg. My father was an agricultural worker, and I have two sisters and two brothers. My mother died in 1936. When she was 14 years old, my sister Irma worked on the farm of a peasant in a village near where we lived. From the time that she entered the Concentration Camp Service I saw her twice. In 1943 she came home on leave, and the only thing she told us about her work was that her duties consisted in supervising prisoners so that they should not escape. I saw her when she left Auschwitz in 1945, and she told me that she had been working for a considerable period in a sort of a post office, receiving and distributing mail, and that sometimes she had been detailed to guard duties.

From your knowledge of your sister, do you think her a person likely to beat the prisoners under her charge? – No. In our schooldays when, as it sometimes happens, girls were quarrelling and fighting, my sister had never the courage to fight, but on the contrary she ran away.

Cross-examined by Colonel BACKHOUSE – When your sister went to work on the farm when she was 14, how long did she stay there? – About six months to a year.

Where did she go from there? – She went to Hohenlychen as a sort of nurse, and then to a small dairy in Fürstenberg, where she worked, I believe, twelve to eighteen months.

Did she go straight from there into the S.S.? – Yes, in 1942 she went to Ravensbrück, which was very near us.

How long before 1943 was it since you had seen your sister? – In spring, 1942, when she was working in the dairy.

When she came home in 1943, did your father give her a thrashing? – I did not see that, but he was quarrelling with her because she was in the S.S.

Did he forbid her to come to the house again? – I do not know. She never came again.

Was not that because she told you what she did at Ravensbrück? – I do not know why.

You would be 16 at that time; you never asked your sister what she was doing in the concentration camp, and she never told you? – She told us she was supervising the prisoners working inside the compound, and she had to see that they were doing their work well and that they did not escape. We asked her: “What do the prisoners get for food, and why have they been sent to a concentration camp?” and she answered that she was not allowed to talk to the prisoners and did not know what sort of food they got.

Why did your father lose his temper with her? – Because he was very much against her being in the S.S. We all wanted to belong to the Bund Deutscher Mädchen, but he never allowed us to do so. I have not seen my father since April, 1945.


War Crimes Trials – Vol. II The Belsen Trial. ‘The Trial of Josef Kramer and Forty Four Others’


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What People Search For: Most Popular Keyword

Most Popular Keyword Most Popular Keyword

Billions of searches are made each day on various search engines and social networking Web Pages by people all around the globe. What are they looking for? In the case of k0nsl.org most people seem to be interested in Irma Grese; especially Poles and Russians are predominate in my statistical software with Germany and USA bringing up the rear.

I only carry the following items on Irma Grese, but some of them sure are interesting:

There could be more but these are generally the ones people seem to look for when they come to k0nsl.org via some search engine. There really should be a book about the life of Irma Grese – written by a person that has understood the various post-war trials (in this case the so-called “Belsen Trial”) to have been nothing but a revenge filled hell-hole where most people were innocent, especially so in the case of the brave Irma Grese. She certainly deserve a book honouring her memory in an objective manner without history gangsterism and exempt from statements perpetuated by people like Olga Lengyel [note #1] and other malignant con artists.

I am complementing this post with one by Jakob Skunkola, we’ll title it:

The version of Irma Grese you favor is very extreme.

According to her trial – Irma Grese is personally alleged to have shot 30 Jews a day – had 3 jews skinned and put on her wall – had a dog she put on jews that bit them to death – and so on.

Below is a typical witness testimony. According to this Irma was Josef Mengele’s girlfriend – gassed any jew that turned down her advances – turned her lesbian lover over to Mengele to experiment on – wore red corsets – and so forth.

The testimony is absurd … She was a simple farm girl. Some people pride themselves on being strung up on details and accuracy but accepts this garbage as truth ?




Schindler’s List is now out on DVD. One of the most chilling scenes in the film is when Schindler’s Jews are lined up at Auschwitz, and along comes the dark-haired Dr. Joseph Mengele, coaxing the elderly out of formation for some unspecified “treatment.”

Dr. Mengele, who drowned while swimming at a public beach in Santos, S.P., Brazil in 1979, is remembered today as “the Angel of Death.” But the title wasn’t originally his–it belonged to his off-and-on girl friend, an Aufseherin of the Allegemeine-SS. She was known as “the Angel of Death,” “the Blond Beast,” “the Queen of Auschwitz” and “the Angel of Hell.”

Her real name was Irma Griese. Born in 1921, she was 11 years old when Adolf Hitler became the German chancellor in January 1933. The Nazi revolution completely transformed her life. About the time the Nuremberg Laws were passed in 1935, Irma joined the Bund der Deutsches Maedchen (Translated: League of German Girls–J.T.), a Nazi version of the USA’s Girl Scouts or UK’s Girl Guides.

However, while participating in the Risorgimento of the German Volk, Irma had a dream. She wanted to be a movie star. When she wasn’t involved in BDM duties, Irma sought out small parts in plays put on by the Deutsches Studentenbund.

When World War II broke out in September 1939, Irma immediately joined the Nazionalsozialistche Deutsches Arbeiterspartei (NSDAP or Nazi Party–J.T.) and tried to enlist in the SS.

Why the SS? Well, as Walter Schellenberg explained, “the SS ‘was already considered an elite organization. The black-clad uniform of der Fuhrer’s special guard was dashing and elegant.’ In the SS one found ‘the better class of people’ and membership of it brought considerable prestige and social advantages.”

In Irma’s case, she hoped that her SS rank would bring her into contact with the Party leadership, in particular Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda and the undisputed master of the German cinema.

The Auschwitz camp originally opened in 1940 as a slave-labor camp for the newly-built I.G. Farben artificial rubber factory. By the end of 1941, it held 18,000 prisoners. It came under the jurisdiction of the Allegemeine-SS (Sort of an All-Purpose SS–J.T.), and Irma was assigned as a guard in the female barracks.

In March 1942, Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler visited the camp and ordered a five-fold expansion of the facility, including a whole new camp, twice the size of the original, at Birkenau, a village 5 kilometers (3 miles) away.

In 1943, “Irma, then 22, a blue-eyed and bosomy blonde” became known as “the Auschwitz Angel of Death. As cruel as she was lovely, she carried a whip and gun and used both on the inmates of women’s camp she supervised.”

“She often accompanied Mengele on inspection tours of the women’s quarters and helped him make gas chamber selections there.” Whenever Mengele’s infamous roving “eye lingered on a young and pretty prisoner, Irma was certain to choose this girl for a trip to the ‘bathhouses.'”

“Irma had many other lovers, including SS officers and prisoners of both genders.” Irma seemed determined to explore the sexual avant-garde long before she got to Cinecitta or Hollywood. “She frequently enjoyed homosexual relations with prisoners and then sent them to their deaths.”

Several Auschwitz memoirs make mention of Rachelle, “a brunette blovoca (block leader–J.T.)” who was “one of her favorites” and who “survived for a long time before Irma tired of her.”

It was a lesbian lovers’ quarrel with a lethal outcome. When the shouting match ended, Irma sent Rachelle back to barracks and then added her name to the next day’s “selection” list.

“On another occasion,” Irma “picked for her lover a tall, swarthy prisoner from Soviet Georgia. The muscular Georgian had been assigned to a male work detail in the women’s camp. Calling him into her office, Irma made it clear what she wanted. But he turned her down.”

“Enraged, Irma summoned his girl friend, a pretty Polish teenager, and made him watch while she stripped and lashed the terrified youngster. Then she had the Georgian shot and the girl sent to the Auschwitz brothel, from which she eventually graduated to the laboratory of Doctor Death.”

Through it all, Irma never once abandoned her dream of becoming a film actress. “When not engaged in sex and sadism, Irma spent most of her time grooming herself and practicing seductive gestures before the full-length mirror in her room.”

Midway through 1943, Marshal Petain’s government in
France began rounding up Jews in surprise raids, holding them at the Drancy camp and then shipping them on to Auschwitz. The French police had conducted such late- evening raids before, but now they were no longer distinguishing between Jews born in France and Jewish refugees who were in France because of the war. Anyone wearing the yellow star with its logo Juif was fair game for the transports.

Hundreds of women, who’d been arrested at the Opera in Paris, were forced to shed their fine clothing and expensive shoes before the long march to the “showers.” Watching the pile of discarded clothes climb toward the ceiling, Irma acted as if Santa Claus had come early that year. She helped herself to anything that took her fancy.

“She favored black lace lingerie, exotic French perfumes and form-fitting uniforms. Her closets were crammed with exclusive creations from the fashion salons of Paris, Vienna and Berlin. She had her own dress designer, a Madame Grete who had run a fashion house in Vienna, and as many seamstresses and personal maids as she desired. And she kept them all busy night and day. If their work failed to please, they were promptly transferred to the gas chambers.”

During this period, Himmler had a girl of the Antarktisches Seidlungensfrauen (Translated: Antarctic Settlement Women or ASF) dispatched to Auschwitz. Irma took a fancy to the sky-blue jacket and skirt because “it matched her eyes. She carried her silver-handled whip in one of her gleaming black boots.” She simply transferred her Allegemeine-SS runes and insignia to the ASF garb and made it her personal uniform.

In 1944, the inevitable happened, and “the bisexual blonde became pregnant.”
Irma nearly panicked. She could see her film career going down the tubes. The SS would send her off to one of Himmler’s Lebensborn farms to have the baby. She’d never get the opportunity to meet Dr. Goebbels and charm him into casting her in a movie.

So the following day, Irma walked into the Auschwitz women’s medical clinic and cornered Prisoner Number 25404- -Dr. Gisela Perl. “I have watched you operate, and I have perfect confidence in you as a doctor,” she whispered to the terrified physician. “I want you to examine me. I think I may be pregnant. I’ll be back again at this time tomorrow. Make certain no one else is here.”

Dr. Perl knew who Irma Griese was. Who in Auschwitz didn’t? She also thought Irma was quite insane. Often, while performing a mastectomy, she had looked up from the operating table to see Irma watching with morbid interest.

The next day, Dr. Perl had the area all prepared. She instructed Irma to undress and put her feet in the stirrups. But as she turned back to her patient, Dr. Perl shuddered. Irma held a Walther pistol aimed at the physician’s heart.

“One word…one shout…any noise at all, and I will kill you,” Irma said, her voice a whisper. “It would be a mercy. You know what they’ll do to you if they find you touching me.”

Dr. Perl needed no such reminder. If they were to be caught in such a compromising position, Irma would be sent to a straflager (punishment camp for SS personnel–J.T.), and she would be joining the long line to the gas chambers.

Dr. Perl performed an examination. Bad news for Irma–the rabbit died. Irma clenched her teeth but somehow managed to avoid one of her trademark tantrums. She told the doctor: “Get on with it.”

For Dr. Perl, this was the most horrifying experience of her life. She tried to ignore everything around her– the ever-present danger of discovery, the running footsteps outside, Irma’s pistol pointed at her–and concentrate on the procedure.

Her skilled hands seemed to move with a life of their own.

Slightly dazed by the anesthetic, Irma prattled on about her future plans. “I’m going into films after the war. First I’ll sign a contract with UFA (German film company–J.T.). Maybe after that I’ll go to Rome. I suppose I’ll have to learn English before I go to Hollywood.” And then, even more dreamily, “What shall I wear to the Oscars? What should I say to Bette Davis?”

(Editor’s Note: Like Field Marshal Hermann Goering, Irma didn’t seem to comprehend that the Allies planned to destroy the NSDAP root and branch after the war.)

After the abortion was over, still in a semi-doze, Irma remarked, “You’re a good doctor. The Reich needs good doctors.”

Then she got up, dressed quickly and left the clinic without another word.

Dr. Perl sank to her knees, uttering a strangled gasp. Indeed, she was a bit surprised to find her sanity still intact after that nerve-wracking experience.

While the Battle of the Bulge raged in the Ardennes in December 1944, Himmler sent his Sonderkommandos into Auschwitz to rescue Mengele, Irma and the rest of the guards and to destroy every single building, especially the crematoria. Irma returned with her unit to Germany and remained there until the war ended.

Following VE Day, May 8, 1945, Allied occupation forces in Germany were under orders to arrest all members of the SS. Irma was caught in the dragnet, just like Himmler himself. But while the Reichsfuhrer-SS committed suicide, Irma wound up in Nuremberg, standing trial before the International Military Tribunal.

Too many prisoners had keen memories of the blond “Angel of Death” and her whip and her distinctive sky-blue uniform. Irma had made herself too memorable. Their testimony was damning, and Irma was sentenced to death.

“Irma often boasted that she would become a movie star after the war. But the only postwar drama in which she starred was her execution.”

And so, in 1946, Irma, now 25, stunningly attired in the red jacket of a condemned Nuremberg prisoner, was dragged kicking and screaming to the gallows. Seeing the U.S. Army Signal Corps camera crew setting up, Irma covered the seat of her skirt with both hands and hollered, “No! Not from that angle! That’s my bad side!”

She kept up her babbling tirade even as the executioners put the noose around her neck and pulled the black hood over her head. “Why are you doing this to me!? I didn’t start the war! I’m an actress!”

The trap swung open with a sudden dreadful finality.

And that was the end of Irma Griese, wannabe actress, Dr. Mengele’s occasional girl friend, and the woman who personally oversaw the “processing” of 45,000 female prisoners at Auschwitz. Forgotten today, Irma left but one item in her filmography…Fox Movietone newsreel – 1946. (See the books Hitler’s Heirs by Paul Meskil, Pyramid Books, New York, N.Y., 1961, pages 32 through 34; Holocaust: A History by Deborah Dwork and Robert Jan van Pelt, W.W. Norton & Co., New York, N.Y., 2002, pages 305, 306, 307, 358 through 361; Hitler’s Shadow War by Donald M. McKale, Cooper Square Press, New York, N.Y., 2002, pages 296, 297, 298, 336 and 337; and Himmler’s Crusade by Christopher Hale, John Wiley & Sons, Hoboken, N.J., 2003, page 58.)

Well, that’s it for this week. Join us next time for more UFO, Fortean, Holocaust hystery and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by “the paper that goes home”.




If you don’t believe in the horror stories surrounding Irma Grese you could be put in jail. But who can swallow this nonsense without twitching?



Someone to Remember: Irma Grese

Irma Grese 1923 ✠ 1945 Irma Grese 1923 ✠ 1945

Someone I think we must pay our respects and remember today is the brave Irma Grese. She truly exemplifies what a German should be like. What a girl. She never wavered or relinquished her faith  – even in the face of hopelessness and death. Always steadfast.

She was hanged on absolutely false charges from beginning to the end – made possible by lies from hateful scoundrels such as Olga Lengyel, merely puke in human form. Literally! I’m not kidding, look it up. The witnesses could hardly tell the accused apart therefore the ever so the ‘helpful’ Americans hanged signs with numbers on the necks of the accused so that the accusers could more easily identify their victim.

Letter from Irma Grese dated 29 November 1945 to Helene Grese

Letter of Irma Grese to Helene Grese.

Leni! My dear little sister!

You have made me very happy with the good news from home. I am quite another person. Now we must cross our fingers that I can stay alive. I am not letting my courage sink, and I hope that a little change will come into view.

Leni! Is it true that my Anneli has left something good for me? This was my only wish, to get something like that so as not to be hanged like a witch! [1] Now I am quite at ease, for now I know that I can avoid the terrible manner of death by making an easy end to myself. Leni, please send best wishes to my Anneli and many, many thanks for her sports event, which has come to me as if on demand!

If I should no longer be in a position to thank Annelies, you will have to look after it, for she is my saviour – ! (You know what I mean, don’t you). Just imagine, Leni! Anneli likes me so much, she is putting her own life on the line just to free me from the fear of death. She is quite simply rescuing me from the terrible fate that is facing me. I can’t find words of thanks, for it is the greatest happiness granted to me in the last days of my life! That happiness is: a sports event from my dear Anneli!

Don’t have any bad thoughts, for I am still a little hopeful !! – If it really must be, and I am to do, don’t you be sad, for I am dying for my country! You have to be as proud of that as I am! I can still hope and not let myself be robbed of hope! —– If I have other thoughts I will write to Anneli too, since she deserves it!

Kisses from

Regards to Anneli.

Additional letter – to her Mutti and Papi.

Dear Dad, dear Mum.

In the last hours of my life I want to let you read my thoughts as a last greeting. I believe and hope that you, my dear Daddy, know your dear daughter very well and will keep me in your memory for all time. For that reason I have a last great request for you: Cast off all your sorrows, your grief that have plagued you in these weeks. You must not say – If only. No, that is wrong. This is how you must think:

My dear daughter Irma is and was a young, brave girl, with a pure German soul inherited from her dear Dad! My German courage and my brave mood give me the strength to live and, if it must be, to die! If fate has determined to tear me from this earthly life so young, then let one thing be certain: that I, as your daughter as you know me, as a brave German woman unreproached by the Germans, will go into the unknown with a clear conscience and above all proudly! I refuse to let any trace of fear or despair enter my heart. Peace and a great strength have replaced them, and these two I will cling to, and they will be my true companions until my last breath.

It was never my intention to exalt myself in any way. But they will not have the triumph of seeing me demean myself by even a finger’s breadth. And whatever they all think, if anybody asks, tell them, my dear Dad: Irma, yes, that was my daughter and always will be! You need not be ashamed of me. For I am doing my duty loyally for my Fatherland! Just as I and others did our duty, so we go to meet our fate!

I do not count, because I was far too small. But those who do count will live on, and hopefully will repay like with like! Even if it takes a certain period of time, there will come a time not to leave injustice unerased.

Dad, hold your head high, even if it is hard. But I believe that both you and my dear Mum will be as strong as your dear daughter Irma.

Tell my dear friends, aunts and uncles, that I send them all my greetings; let them remember me as I was.

Mum and my brothers and sisters, take my last farewell, and think always that though I die physically, I will always be with you.

My life is in the hands of the judges, but not my honour!

Your dear daughter


Comment from k0nsl

It is a huge misfortune that there isn’t enough photographs of this beautiful person on the Internet. She looked like a true film star – even in the dungeons of Allied captivity. Simply stunning!

I recommend reading this too:


1. Anneli was a girl who as a court observer became particularly interested in Irma Grese and took up written correspondence with her via Helene Grese. She apparently wanted to procure poison for her to enable her suicide.]


Letter #2 / Irma Grese

Sent by Neal Baker to FRANZ: response given by Gerry Frederics and Mike Reisch.

I just read your article about Irma Grese . I have a few questions . Why did Grese think it was legal or appropriate to be guarding 20,000-30,000 foreign citizens (in Poland) who were neither tried nor convicted of any crime ? Did she believe that it was legal or appropriate in any sense to deport people (civilians) and keep them in a prison camp in a foreign country ? Did she think that the children in Auscwtiz had committed crimes and were “doing time ” ?


Mr. Baker! Your letter about Irma Grese was sent to me by an acquaintance, Franz Holtzhäuser. I would like to answer your questions, however I must preface my remarks as follows; good manners in letter writing dictate 1) an address, such as ”Dear—”, or ”Mr.”, or ”Mrs” — I suppose you get my point and 2) a signature. Of course I realize that niceties such as good manners have gone by the wayside in our globalized world in which ‘good’ means bad, ‘ vulgar’ means sexy, ‘lies’ mean truth and bad manners (such as drinking beer out of a can or sucking on a water bottle while shopping) is considered de regueur. Someone who is of the parasitical race which has created all these ”improvements” would be expected to ask your questions, in the manner in which you asked them. Being a jew you are of course devoid of any sense of propriety, integrity or anything even remotely approaching honesty. This is obvious by your verbal/intellectual twists and turns and your loop-hole driven mindset is blatantly obvious.
Your questions are typical of those who try to deceive, mislead and confuse. More Yiddish one can’t get. Well Bubele, let me tell you—– 1) According to your jew-thinking, ANY prison guard, ANYPLACE is required to question the legalities and the morality of the system within which he/she lives. This of course excludes the jew-guards who beat to death German women and children in Poland’s Concentration Camps after WW2, the jew-guards who tortured their poor victims by flaying them and pushing rulers down their throats, or pushing their heads into full toilets until they almost drowned in excrement such as was done in the jew-designed Lubjanka prison in Moscow for 30 or more years starting in 1920, or jew Anna Pauker who in Rumania 1946, excelled at crushing her victims genitalia via a hammer, not to forget jew Kaganovich who devised the plan to starve millions of Ukrainians in the 1920’s or subsequently millions of German slave labourers in the Soviet Gulag, or jew-Morgenthau and his devilish plan, ad nauseum. It can easily be argued that these pitiful victims were innocents who had done nothing whatever, excepting belonging to a race other than the parasitical, murderous, inhumane, filthy, lying jew-race.

Irma Grese with Kramer Irma Grese with Kramer

Grese was a mere 20 years old. Under examination she was as guilty of harmful activities as my grandmother who cooked her Sauerkraut & Rippchen in Breslau waiting for her husband to come home from work in the Ministry Of Culture of which he was the head. 2) Did she think it was legal bla-bla-bla. Let’s see now, did the American prison camp guards of Eisenhower’s death camps think it legal or anyway justifiable to hold prisoners (including women and children) under the most horrendous conditions without trial, without shelter, without food, without anything until about one million of them died – in peace time, after the war, while Europe was swimming in food supplies? 3) Did she think the children in Auschwitz (I prefer to call it ”Owshits”) bla-bla-bla. Listen jew, it isn’t a prison guards task or job to think about these things and none of them throughout history have ever done so. The point is, Grese did nothing untoward and demonstrably even helped when she could in her modest way, only to be betrayed and accused of, well jew-shiksas of course, the vast majority of whom re-canted their testimony. Furthermore, jewry declared war on Germany in 1933, spread filth propaganda against Germany, did absolutely everything possible to defame Germany and almost bankrupted the country before any laws or actions were taken against the parasitical jewish race. As such they openly declared themselves to be enemies of Germany. Whatever the German nation did was in anybody’s book no more than self-defense and yes, that includes rounding up all enemies of the state. Every country on earth has that right, even we Germans. Have you ever heard of ”Cause and Effect” ? O ya, I forgot, Der Ewige Jude is exempt from such laws of nature. Yaweh exempted them, so sorry I forgot. Talking about your blood-soaked, hate-filled scum-God, Ben Gurion once said; ”God promised us this land, but he isn’t the Palestinians God, so why should they care?”

www.germancross.com / Gerry Frederics



To answer Neal Bakers question about Irma Grese, the Reich Government sent people to Auschwitz during the war for the same reason that the Canadian, British, and American Governments interned foreign nationals.
In America’s case even some Japanese and German naturalized US citizens were placed in camps.

I personally know of a Catholic priest being incarcerated on St. Helen’s Island in Quebec Canada for the duration of the war. I have also had a number of Japanese Canadian friends that were imprisoned and lost all their possessions. Some German internees in US captivity weren’t released until 1947. In all cases the internees were considered a security risk by the respective governments.

Today people are rotting away at Guantanamo Bay Cuba as well as various other prison camps around the globe for the same reason.

A prime example is Ernst Zundel. If you believe that he presents a security risk to Canada as well as internationally as claimed by Judge Blais, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that you might be interested in.

Did Irma Grese receive a fair trial? Absolutely not. Did she deserve the death penalty? Once more
absolutely not.

It is to the credit of the Germans that they have paid restitution for 60 years, with no end in sight, to “survivors” and their off spring to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. One has yet to see a similar generous restitution program initiated by the sanctimonious Allies.

About the only thing these Allies are capable of are witch hunts. They are prosecuting geriatric ex German camp guards, stripping them of their citizenships, and extraditing them to their countries of origin for additional judicial chicanery.

One has yet to see a single Gulag guard receive similar treatment at the hands of the OSI. There are a number prime candidates residing right here among us in Florida as well as California.

End of story.