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Talk with me on IRC

[slider crop=”yes” slide1=”http://images.k0nsl.org/2013/05/KiwiIRC-k0nsl02.png” slide2=”http://images.k0nsl.org/2013/05/KiwiIRC-k0nsl02.png” slide3=”http://images.k0nsl.org/2013/05/KiwiIRC-k0nsl02.png”][/slider] Just a short entry. I finally found a web based IRC client that I’m actually satisfied with, the one I’m using is called KiwiIRC by Darren (alias “prawnsalad”) and requires node.js. Before that, I tried Subway and some others, but they were (IMHO) too bloated for my liking. So I ended up

kr0kedNET IRC Network

kr0kedNET (formerly “neophytos IRC”) has been launched. Two hours or so ago. kr0kedNET is a free-for-all IRC network, without any of the typical rules one sees everywhere. There only is one rule, the unwritten one; no paedophilia-related discussions, channels or content of any kind. So in any case, feel free to become a frequent user of