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New cPanel server!

I ordered a E3 1230v2 two days ago to replace my 5420 which is currently hosting most of my cPanel clients. It works fine but it was time to get something new and something that is overall much better. However, I’m letting the new server run for about a month before migrating the clients to the new one,

Moving k0nsl.net to Gondor

My shared hosting for k0nsl.net and a bunch of other domains I had on there (because of the geographical location was suited for it) has been suspended therefore I’m moving them over to Gondor. Right now it’s just redirecting to k0nsl.org, and I think it will be configured like that. I’ll use k0nsl.org as my

Free hosting

[box type=”info”] You can apply for free web hosting here. What you will get PHP/MySQL/cPanel access, with more details in welcome e-mail.[/box] NOTE: I don’t accept more clients, at the moment.   Content that will be automatically removed if found on my server: Paedophilia Homosexuality Everything else is allowed as per UN’s Declaration of Human

cPanel Account Creators?

I’ve spent some hours today reviewing various “cPanel Account Creator” scripts because I had a personal interest in these things. Namely, I thought about creating a more professional way for my potentional users to create their own account via some form of integration with WordPress. I had it all figured out, design and all, because

Uptime status for “Gondor”

Hi all, As I indicate on this page I’m offering people free hosting (except for organizations, they have to pay a one time fee) and if in doubt about the server’s uptime I’ve configured Pingdom service to monitor Gondor almost since I began with this particular server, see: http://status.jubbads.com/539560 There one can see that my services

Free webhosting

I’m in the mood for letting in ten people on my server with access to the following services: E-mail FTP PHP MySQL cPanel That’s about it. Storage? Up-to a gigabyte.   Either you can have yourname.k0nsl.org or point your domain to my nameservers and use your own. Whatever you like. Just make contact at the following page: