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My Windows Experience Score – Awkward!

Check out this somewhat recent Windows Experience score, it’s way off – awkward. I get 6,9 because of the drive – which is an SSD from OCZ. I “migrated” this Windows 7 installation from a regular mechanical drive some weeks ago, it’s a very old installation – perhaps one and a half year old, with A LOT

Let’s Purge The Holocaust Belief (HD)

FOURTH DRAFT: A short clip which encourages people to purge themselves from the fraudulent Holocaust belief – this draft has been through several changes, but it still is a very spontaneous and “spur of the moment” production. I also made it in better quality than the previous versions. Enjoy, and please share it elsewhere! [NOTE:

The Nvidia GTX 690

Whew ! I just glanced at some images and reviews / previews of Nvidia’s GTX 690 GPU and this thing looks fantastic, but not only that, the core seems to be fantastic also. (A pair of 690’s in SLI–IS that sexy or what??) (A casing of plated aluminium and polycarbonate windows along with magnesium fan

A Holocaust Tube Is Crafted

As an extension of Holocaust History News I’ve helped launch a media tube at: http://media.holocaust-news.com It’s quite rudimentary in both design and function, but overall, it works for the purpose. This is just to off-load the main HHN site from video content. –k0nsl

Andrew E. Mathis Lies About k0nsl

In a blog-post titled « So much for “k0nsl” » posted 2007, Andrew E. Mathis engages in lying when he says he nailed me in 2005 or 2006 and that my reaction was to shut down all of my Web pages. This is of course nothing but a brazen lie from him. My web pages were never offline for more