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Collaborative Project: Holocaust “Eyewitnesses”

I had this thought today about compiling a page on the most absurd “eyewitnesses”, in all arenas of the Holocaust, not just for the absurdly claimed “gas chambers”  But for this I would like to request help. Sort of like a collaborative project. Everyone who contribute will of course be mentioned in the credits of

Untasteful – A “Holocaust Cookbook”

The title should have been: Untasteful Cookbook: Holocaust Survivor Cookbook “My Table is Full Again”. Well, in any case. I stumbled upon something even many Jews seem to frown upon; a cookbook that mixes foods with “Holocaust” ideology. Actually, the persons criticizing the author of that book [Joanne Caras] are not alone with having such a

The Günter Deckert Files: Day One

We continue the postings of the “Günter Deckert Files”. Previous entries:  Deckert Files: Appeal – Request For Evidence #1  Deckert Files: Day Two  The Günter Deckert Files: Day Three  The Günter Deckert Files: Day One (current) Sorry for the confusion, I made an error when publishing this earlier because I got the titles all wrong. This

Eek-a-Mouse “Hitler”

I’m sure a lot of people have heard this song by Ripton Joseph Hylton (apparently this fellow is a rapist – what a surprise!), if not…listen to it above! The lyrics are disturbingly anti-German and cynically contains this line:   [quote] Remember this is history and this ain’t no joke, And this ain’t no joke.

Holocaust History News, revived

Hello friends, I thought it would be appropriate to post the following clip seeing as Holocaust History News has been revived again after a involuntary break for some five months or some such. I crafted this clip in conjunction with the launch of HHN. Admittedly the editing skills aren’t really the best — it’s basically just audio

“Hitler Order” finally found?

Hold your breath my friends! The Holy Grail appears to have been found — at least that seems to be the stance of THE Wiesenthal Center (ya, that one). The folks at the Wiesenthal Center is going absolutely crazy over a document (that has been public knowledge for many, many years), and it mentions removal