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The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

Were 900,000 Jews “gassed” at Treblinka?

Were 3.9 Million “Steamed to Death” in “steam chambers” there too, as according to Nuremberg trial “evidence”?

The official “Holocaust” story is that Treblinka II is the largest mass burial site in the entire world, where the Germans gassed 900,000 Jews in 13 “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.”

“Holocaust Deniers” or “Holocaust Revisionists” claim there’s no evidence for that, and tales of “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” stories are wartime atrocity fiction, similar to previously debunked claims about Jews being made into soap and lampshades.

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax debunks Zionist British Archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls’ fraudulent “investigation” of Treblinka, which included digging near clearly marked Christian graves claiming to find new “hidden mass graves”, falsely assigning homicidal intent to a normal life-saving shower room at Majdanek, and misidentifying a terra-cotta tile excavated at Treblinka as belonging to the floor of a homicidal “gas chamber.”

Free yourself from a lifetime of brainwashing about “Six Million” Jews “gassed” in “Gas Chambers Disguised as Shower Rooms”-

Watch it!

Available in Full HD




Both of Eric Hunt’s recent documentaries are mirrored at k0nsl.org and can be freely downloaded:



“Franz [k0nsl] is saying the Holocaust never happened”

Over here at [DELETION], Franz [k0nsl] is saying the Holocaust never happened, which is interesting, because he could probably be prosecuted for that in his own country.



Yes, it certainly is true that I could be prosecuted for what I write, if I ever decided to visit [DELETION]; the term of punishment would most likely be a couple of years in jail, the maximum being five years, I think, without a fair trial; one where evidence supporting my view is not allowed to be introduced, and where I would have no sufficient defense as my lawyer would be liable to prosecution if he submitted any material against the extermination thesis.
I should also like that tell you that I am not “denying” anything. Logically speaking, one cannot deny what did not happen. I do not believe in the “gas chambers” and other nonsense — mere horror stories which defy laws of science, logic, and rational thought — impossible stories which they want us to stake a belief in, and which we are forced to believe in — it is dictated to us via judicial measures.

The “Holocaust” and its “HCGs” have been entirely dissected by professors, chemists, engineers and historians. I can’t see why anybody should ever want to believe in those stories, when research has shown that the Germans never “gassed” anybody.



Merkel: Germany can never be neutral on Israel


Commentary from k0nsl

So it is official, I suppose. Germany cannot and will not abandon the ‘holocaust’ fraud, and will give Israel all the support it needs. This little rogue state is currently engaged in genocidal actions against the Palestinians. Ironic, or isn’t it? A people who claims to have been victims of a ‘heinous crime’ is currently – at this very moment – practising genocide against another people. The chutzpah of these people is nothing but insanity, rooted in their mental state, dating back thousands of years.

When will it end? (that reminds me of the following song by DIJ)


Roberto Muehlenkamp on Forensic Investigation Methodology

Roberto Muehlenkamp wrote:

Actually it’s k0nsl who is avoiding simple demands – such as the obviousness of his having to demonstrate that, as he claims, a forensic investigation requires “independent spectators from major countries observing the procedures and methodologies” to be considered objective. Instead of producing any rules or standards of evidence requiring what he claims to be “obvious”, he lamely babbles about “obviousness”. How do they do it in Sweden when they find a mass grave full of stinking dead bodies, k0nsl? Do they call in a commission of Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, German and what have you experts to observe the procedures and methodologies whereby the Swedish crime investigation police investigates the crime? Get real, man.

This must surely be a jest on Mr. Muehlenkamp’s part. The man must be a ‘Holocaust Denier’ in disguise.

For an answer to his daft question we turn to an article by Christoph Seidler titled ‘Clues to the Thirty Years’ War: Mass Grave Begins Revealing Soldiers’ Secrets‘ published in April, 2012:

The morning of November 16, 1632 was foggy, so the mass killing could only begin after some delay. It wasn’t until midday that the mist cleared, finally allowing the Protestant army of Sweden’s King Gustav II Adolf to attack the Roman Catholic Habsburg imperial army led by Albrecht von Wallenstein. The slaughter lasted for hours in the field at the Saxon town of Lützen.

“In this battle the only rule that applied was, ‘him or me,'” says Maik Reichel. “It was better to stab your opponent one extra time just to ensure there was no chance of him standing up again.” The historian und former German parliamentarian for the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) is standing at the edge of a field on the outskirts of Lützen. After the battles here, the ground was soaked with blood. “About 20,000 men fought on each side and between 6,000 and 9,000 were killed,” estimates Reichel, who heads the museum in the city castle.
When the soldiers in the religious war clashed on the outskirts of Lützen, the road from there to Leipzig was not yet called “B 87,” but “Via Regia.” The Red Cross nursing home and nearby supermarket that now stand on the battle site also didn’t exist back then. But the past is present here when one goes looking for it. So far archaeologists have examined about one- third of the former battlefield, in total 1.1 million square meters (11.8 million square feet). Theoretically, only another one-third could still be examined. The rest has been covered by the nursing home, supermarket and small garden allotments.

Still, archaeologists have managed to recover thousands of objects from the battle. The top find was just recently discovered: a mass grave where victims of the brutal struggle were buried. It is likely one of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of similar graves. Systematic excavations helped researchers locate the dead soldiers, and recovery efforts between the street and blooming rapeseed plants have left the ground bare.

The Human Dimensions of War

The bloody battle at Lützen isn’t known for its military significance. There was actually no clear winner. Instead it’s famous for the death of Sweden’s King Gustav II Adolf, also commonly known as Gustavus Adolphus. But the dead piled up all the same. Archaeologists are especially interested in the up to 175 unlucky soldiers buried in this mass grave. Because their work is better accomplished in a laboratory rather than a field, a complete chunk of soil was unearthed and transported to the city of Halle with the help of cranes and flatbed trucks. The 55-ton hunk of earth, split into two pieces for logistical reasons, is laced with bones that are now being analyzed in the laboratory of the Saxony-Anhalt State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology. A wooden casing ensures that the discovery doesn’t crumble.

Not much is known about the battle’s dead. Mercenaries from Scotland, England and Croatia fought next to Germans, Austrians and Swedes. They died from wounds inflicted by muskets, pistols, swords, knives and halberds, which are pole weapons with axe blades mounted on top. But who were these fighters? Were they spring chickens or old warhorses? Were they well-fed or emaciated? And where did they come from?

These are questions that will be answered by the analysis in Halle, about a 45-minute drive from Lützen. Visitors to this bright, lofty laboratory can get some idea of the human dimensions of the battle by climbing a ladder onto the frame encasing the two soil blocks.

Heiko Heilmann is already up there, scraping soil away from a bone with a wooden spatula. In his hands the dirt gives way to reveal the remarkably well-preserved skeleton of a former fighter. The excavation technician has already uncovered 20 bodies from the first of the two blocks.

He starts the job by moistening the soil with a spray bottle. Then he carefully digs out the bones. The sight of the arms, legs, shoulders, pelvises and skulls is hard to take in. Loose bones are collected in aluminum trays. Little labels give the deceased provisional names such as “I1,” “I2,” I3,” with the “I” standing for individual.

Buried Almost Naked

A few facts have already come to light. For example, the corpses were buried almost naked, presumably after being plundered. They were, at least, carefully laid to rest. The bodies were gathered from the battlefield and placed in a grave next to the street, arranged in two rows with their legs facing each other.

Several layers of dead probably lie within these two blocks, although researchers have only uncovered the first. The burials were not taken care of by the surviving soldiers, who were already on their way to the next battle. Instead the good citizens of Lützen had to take on the unpleasant job. They asked 200 soldiers in the neighboring garrison of Weissenfels for extra support.

The discovery at Lützen, being prepared by Heilmann with dental tools and brushes, is not unique, though. Researchers know of more mass graves in Germany from the Thirty Years’ War. They have been found during the construction of a house in Höchstadt in central Franconia in 1985, excavated by a gravel dredge in Wittstock in Brandenburg in 2007 and exposed by pipeline engineers in Alerheim in southwest Germany in 2008. The grave at Wittstock has recently been put on display at the State Archaeological Museum in Brandenburg an der Havel.

Multi-Discipline Approach

But the grave at Lützen is an especially systematic and successful investigation, and its scientific results promise to be comprehensive, even though the work is still in its infancy. The skull of “I9”, for example, shows clear traces of a blow. A lead bullet is lodged in the pelvis of “I2” from a shot to the buttocks. A strontium isotope analysis will uncover whether it was a Saxon, Swede or Scotsman that had to suffer that particular misfortune.

The analysis will likely be conducted by researchers from the Bristol University. The British specialists have already helped their German colleagues when the tomb of medieval Queen Edith was opened in Magdeburg in 2009. The procedure works like this: People in differing regions of the world are exposed to characteristic chemical forms of the metal strontium. Because the different isotopes of the element are integrated into the human body, they leave telltale signatures. With a little luck scientists can examine the bones to reconstruct where soldiers traveled in the years before their death. Teeth reveal information about their childhoods.
Anthropologists, chemists, historians, soil and weapons experts will conduct a joint analysis in the coming months. “We always work with other disciplines. Old school archaeology is out,” says Alfred Reichenberger, spokesman for the Saxony-Anhalt State Office for Heritage Management and Archaeology. The work will take a long time, that much is clear. But at some point there might be a visitor’s center at the edge of the former battlefield, says Reichel, head of the Lützen museum.

The center will report on the horrors of the war and serve as a warning for today’s generation. Because, as Reichel adds: “History doesn’t repeat itself. But it has its habits.”


RE: few words about your site

Message from Samia on the topic of my old web site. Dated 1/27/05.

Samia writes:

Dear K0nsl,

I am Samia from Pakistan.I have been thinking about writing to you, and here I am. I wanted to compliment you on mounting such a well-researched online effort to pull apart the whole idea of holocaust.Surely, not a mean feat.Keep it up!

You must have guessed from my name and my nationality that I am , by the grace of Allah, a Muslim.
My political affiliation (and opinions) is partly shaped by my faith.Therefore I have never invested much in the story of holocaust.My heart always said how can Jews inflict so much pain, death and cruelty on Palestinians if they have gone through it themselves.But it is not possible to discredit such a widely accepted, sanctified and pseudo-fossilized account of history purely through the whims of heart.You need to engage such notions intellectually, academically and scientifically to disprove them.So when I found your site I was pleasantly surprised to see your effort.

The site is so rich in content that I wish I was a fast reader.I have gone through few of the articles.I need to digest what I am reading because it is so pithy.All this made me curious about you.

If my memory serves, is it true that you are a Jew, or of Jewish origin and German (I read somewhere).How come you are not a Zonist, and moreover you are a revisionist.How can you distance yourself from your (recent)jewish heritage(however questionable or false it may be), and still be considered an “authentic” Jew by others.How do your jewish friends and family react to your non-conformist ideas?Don’t you fear for your security because you have undertaken such a “dangerous” task.How do you divide your time between your work/study, programming/hacking & researching for and managing your site?

I don’t doubt your sincerity, but do you really think that you and the like-minded would be able to reverse(revise) the process of making up a fabricated past?I ask this because Jewish media machinery backed by America is at its best now.The pattern of falsification of truth set in and about Germany can now be seen in America’s treatment of Iraq (and Afghanistan as well).The war on terror, premised on dubious allegations that Iraq is amassing WMDs, continues even when prejudgement has proved to be a pack of lies.Tragically as Iraqis lose lives no one questions the validity of the war.Years down the lane when history is written, America would gets its way in glorious words:liberation, democracy,peace etc.I know the quest for truth should not stop in the bleakest of times.But perhaps you can provide a better answer because you are knowledgeable.

Thanks for going through my email.

Warm Regards,

Good day!

Thank you for the compliments.There have been many people who has
e-mailed me from Pakistan lately and they seem to share the same
opinion: that the alleged Holocaust is a lie. I’m glad to hear from

You’re absolutely right. One must engage intellectually to disprove
their fraudulent story. It’s been done already — intellectually and most
importantly scientifically!

I recommend that you read ‘The Rudolf Report’:


You can read more about the author (Germar Rudolf) here:


Let me explain something about my site. I created it with the intention to
assemble important articles which challenged the standard ‘holocaust’
storyline. I did this so that the articles could be easily found, in one
place, not scattered everywhere. Thus I have only collected what I think is
material worth reading. I also post daily news, newsletters, and much more.

Now. Onto my supposed Jewish ancestry. No, I have no Jewish ancestry
as far as I am aware of. I am of German and Swedish ethnicity. Where did you
read about my Jewish ancestry? I’m curious.

I know it’s dangerous to do what I do. It’s very dangerous, you’re very
correct. But I have no fear; none. The Jews fear us and they will do
anything to silence those who speak the truth. Don’t take my word for it, see
for yourself:


That’s what they do. I could even be sent to jail for simply speaking
out against these lies. What a world it is, huh? Democracy,,,

Dear Samia; about your last paragraph, their ‘Reign of Lies’ will fall.
It cannot last forever, trust me. People are all over their lies. The
‘holocaust’ has already been exposed as a lie it’s just a matter of
getting the word out to the masses — of course the Jewish media won’t
say anything about it. They just repeat their sad propaganda movies
and repetitive articles with the usual spin.

Thank you very much for your e-mail, I take it to heart.


-F. H.


Final reply from Samia:

Dear K0nsl,

Thank you so much for writing to me.I was not expecting such a prompt reply.About the Jewish ancestry thing:I am sorry.I actually picked it up from a flame war going on about Jews in a hacking forum(don’t remember which one), long time back.And I wrongly attributed it to you.Accept my apologies.It must habe been some other person.My best wishes are with you.

Stay Safe and Secure.

Warm Regards,