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False Memories of Fabricated Political Events

I stumbled across an interesting topic on the CODOH Revisionist Forum called False memories and the “misinformation effect”, and I’ve managed to find a contemporary study dealing with this and thought I’d share it. The thing here is that Holocaust Revisionists — or people who simply don’t believe in the Holocaust — are often tackled with

The Incoherence of Jeanne Levy

Greetings, my friends.  Here comes a short update on my activities and later a testimony by Holocaust Survivor Jeanne Levy. I’ve spent about two weeks only reading with minimal activity on the Internet – only doing the most essential tasks that must be done on a daily basis (it’s routine stuff). So this is one

The Legacy of Holocaust Survivor Fred Kort

k0nslify productions has documented the story of Fred Kort in a very brief clip, watch it and share if you liked it. It basically covers some of the more interesting bits that Fred Kort is said to have gone through. The information comes from his own experiences as recorded by ‘Life in Legacy’ – whether the