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Holocaust Enforcers And Virtual Hate

I’ve publicized these e-mails before, and at other places, but I’m centralizing most of the content and putting it on my blog instead, because it’s a lot easier to keep track of and keep a good updated copy of the backup. Well, these particularly hateful e-mails comes from a Jewish person by the name of Tom Polansky

A Deer Bagged and Tagged

There are different ways one can bag and tag things: for example I scorch LA Times, TIMES.com, Huffington Post and other places for Holocaust Believers and sometimes their masters — the “esteemed” Holocaust Enforcers, to get their view on things related to their Holocaust Ideology: these views are often so strange to reality that I

Nick Terry Talks About His Classes

In this topic a prolific Holocaust Enforcer by the name Nick Terry describes how his classes are constructed. But do any of the classes he describe exist in audio or on video? That is to say: before September 13, 2012. None that I know of. Nick Terry is the person to the right of the man in the white