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Holocaust Controversies’ Troll is “pwned”

I recently came across one of the most prolific trolls of the Holocaust Controversies’ blog, somebody with the moniker “Bernard”. This person has a host of different monikers and spends his days “trolling” people. But ultimately even a troll must meet his creator, and so the story goes. Bernard was pwned, there’s no other word

Roberto Muehlenkamp and His Father

  [box type=”info”] I got this information via “Blogbuster”, Wikipedia, and Google Images. [/box] Apparently Roberto Muehlenkamp’s father is Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp, who fought in the SS division Das Reich in a Reconnaissance Battalion. Interesting to note is that Mr. Muehlenkamp has always denied this connection, often vehemently. In his own admission Muehlenkamp suffers from depression and eats medical supplements such

Holocaust Controversies: No Extermination At Monowitz

On the pro-Holocaust blog Holocaust Controversies [see note #1] which is maintained by a group of hardened Holocaust Enforcers such as Nicholas Terry, Andrew “Handy Andy” Mathis, Sergey Romanov and Roberto “Kinnstützenkamp” Muehlenkamp,  and some other people, they concede openly that extermination at Monowitz, in any shape or form, never happened. Now this is some progress, now