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Letter from Günter Deckert – To Be Jailed Again

Günter Deckert is not a criminal, even though he spent five years behind bars — merely for telling the truth about intrinsic bits of underlying history that we have come to know as “WWII History”. It is a crime in a host of countries to tell the truth about issues such as what happened to the Jews during

My Windows Experience Score – Awkward!

Check out this somewhat recent Windows Experience score, it’s way off – awkward. I get 6,9 because of the drive – which is an SSD from OCZ. I “migrated” this Windows 7 installation from a regular mechanical drive some weeks ago, it’s a very old installation – perhaps one and a half year old, with A LOT

A Holocaust Tube Is Crafted

As an extension of Holocaust History News I’ve helped launch a media tube at: http://media.holocaust-news.com It’s quite rudimentary in both design and function, but overall, it works for the purpose. This is just to off-load the main HHN site from video content. –k0nsl

www.holocaust-news.com is launched

So, hehe. I helped launching another sweet site – www.holocaust-news.com  {14} It has all the services of a good news service, plus a host of other features such as: minimalistic online community, personal pages for registered members, a forum section and more! Apart from these features it also has an excellent commentary system, ratings and