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Books in the Mail: TRR & LOTH

I received a couple of very interesting books today in the mail; the mail man came honking his horn and I ran outside in anticipation for what I knew was already coming… And there they were! A copy of the groundbreaking and legendary “Rudolf Report” together with the best starter book on the whole topic:

Update on The Patriot Letter

As those who follow me on Twitter [link] probably knows I’m archiving all [or most of] the Patriot Letter’s sent out by Walther F. Mueller which was an idea of his in 2004. The reactions to his newsletter are many, see for example the results about it in Google: https://www.google.se/search?q=Walther+F.+Mueller   I do not necessarily agree with

Germar Rudolf Lecture on Revisionism

Testing the audio player. I figured, why not make it meaningful too. So I included Mr. Rudolf’s speech/lecture on Holocaust Revisionism — I recommend this from all my heart. Enjoy! I hauled this from Holocaust History News: http://holocaust-news.com/cms/germar-rudolf-speech-on-revisionism-15.html You can download it from this URL: [code]http://www.holocaust-news.com/cms/mp3/Rudolfo-k0nsl.mp3[/code] [divider]More information [/divider] NEWS !! Germar Rudolf speech on Revisionism

The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition

The Barnes Review (TBR) recently published a third edition of the Leuchter Report which has gone through notable changes to correct some issues in the previous editions. This edition is more than likely the third and final one — the details are of course in the footnotes. There hasn’t been any change in the text

Anne Frank…executed?

Anne Frank was executed? If this type of “general knowledge” becomes prevalent amongst (presumed) Germans, and other Europeans, and they fail to adhere to facts given to them by going into “knee-jerk response mode”, then I am afraid they never will change their mind about the alleged Holocaust. Luckily there are men such as Carlo