Re-mounted the CPU water block

Hi friends,   I decided to re-mount my water block for the CPU today because I suspected my temperatures were higher than what they ought to be with such a good water block (see photographs of it here) and yes, the water block must have been mounted somewhat poorly. I cleaned both the CPU and

Watercooling Products Finally Ordered

Good day, friends.   Today I have placed an order for the following items: Cuplex Kryos XT (CPU block) GELID Solutions GC Extreme (Thermalpaste) Mayhems Aurora Nebula Blue (Coolant additive) Corsair Vengeance C70 Arctic White (Case) EK-Reservoir Combo DCP 4.0 (Pumps. One for the CPU-loop, and one for the GPU-loop) Masterkleer PVC 19/13mm UV-white, 3,3m (Tubing)