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Free hosting

[box type=”info”] You can apply for free web hosting here. What you will get PHP/MySQL/cPanel access, with more details in welcome e-mail.[/box] NOTE: I don’t accept more clients, at the moment.   Content that will be automatically removed if found on my server: Paedophilia Homosexuality Everything else is allowed as per UN’s Declaration of Human

Free blog offer via kr0ked.net

I’m accepting requests from applicants  — or whoever, really — wishing to set up a blog somewhere. Well, I can offer this for free, even setting it up for you. You’ll apply for a subdomain on kr0ked.net, i.e http://you.are.kr0ked.net. Requests can be sent via this link: you merely include details on what type of blog

Get a Free Blog Here

Hi friends ! I decided to let people have their own blog here at k0nsl.org but I think the solution I found isn’t the best, and the other ones available are even more vulnerable in their design — and some of them even wish for loads of money, which can in some respect be understandable

Free webhosting

I’m in the mood for letting in ten people on my server with access to the following services: E-mail FTP PHP MySQL cPanel That’s about it. Storage? Up-to a gigabyte.   Either you can have yourname.k0nsl.org or point your domain to my nameservers and use your own. Whatever you like. Just make contact at the following page: