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Eric Hunt’s Documentaries

Hi friends, I have mirrored [1] most of Eric Hunt’s documentaries, spread out over several different servers around the world. You will be geolocated to a location that is closest to where you are, in most cases. This is particularly true for his documentary “The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth” which is spread across six different

Adolf Hitler – The greatest story NEVER told

The video above this text is the actual introductory clip to the documentary below. This documentary cover a lot of WWII history in a straightforward manner without the bitter lies which we have become so accustomed to via channels such as the History Channel, or any other channel — for that matter. All in all

How Do You Know When to Call Someone a Nazi?

In a comment on YouTube I quoted a document submitted by the prosecution [at Nuremberg] as E-168 (see references at the bottom), it reads like so: The senior camp medical officers must use every means at their disposal to reduce the death rate in the various camps considerably. The best medical officer in a concentration camp

Beware of Hitler’s Children

I must say that I watch a lot of documentaries just to get updated on mainstream claims, I watch them almost on a daily basis — that is to say, whenever I find one that is of interest. Today I found one by Guido Knopp, the notorious falsifier of modern German history. The title of the