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devNET Webmail

I have not been doing much lately so I decided to spice up the webmail used by my clients and myself. The base is Roundecube [1] and the skin was originally by Mr. Dieck but heavily modified by me. This is what it currently looks like: It’s an ongoing project, but I think that it

Connect with k0nsl + devNET

I have connected my blog with the devNET community forums which I merely run for sentimental reasons, I founded it in early 2003 and since 2006, or close to that time, it has been shutdown. In those days I ran phpBB — but that database is not usable now which made me start from scratch

devnet-software.org launched

I am pleased to announce the official launch of the devNET community. There may be some individual quirks here and there – but they’re few and I am determined to get them all fixed – most people probably won’t even notice them, though. If you stumble across one please report it to: i.am@k0nsl.org Right I

devNET community (almost) resurrected

I founded the so-called ‘devNET community’ in the year of 2001 and continued it until about 2005, or some such. I believe something occurred that unfortunately meant we had to close shop. It might have been our host back then (joshie.com) that did some changes to the server and the whole devNET software group page along

The Matrix Screensaver

I just found something funny from 2003. Read the commentary in the source: Attribute VB_Name = "modSystem33r" '*// This module is used for installing .OCX, sounds, images and perhaps even dropping something '*// unwanted on the remote computer...but i am beyond that and i don't encourage doing so either. '*// '*// The ICQ Notification code