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devNET forums ‘partially’ cleaned up

I spent one hour or so cleaning up the devNET forum so that it gives a better impression with the outcome that people might consider using it one day. I tried getting my clients to use it for support questions instead of e-mailing me or using the ticket system, but they never use it, nor

devnet-software.org launched

I am pleased to announce the official launch of the devNET community. There may be some individual quirks here and there – but they’re few and I am determined to get them all fixed – most people probably won’t even notice them, though. If you stumble across one please report it to: i.am@k0nsl.org Right I

devNET community (almost) resurrected

I founded the so-called ‘devNET community’ in the year of 2001 and continued it until about 2005, or some such. I believe something occurred that unfortunately meant we had to close shop. It might have been our host back then (joshie.com) that did some changes to the server and the whole devNET software group page along

Old Project Takes Shape

I’m resuming work on a old project of the devNET software group. This particular application sits and waits for “pings” from infected machines to arrive (or clients, one probably calls them..*cough*). This is similar to a web-based notification application (you know: all those CGI/PHP notification systems. I still use S7-notification for some applications he he) but a

My “devbox” is not so bad afterall

I’ve spent the night here trying to improve my development box, the main box I use for mostly coding-related tasks, and design of web pages, etc,. So far so good. It got very hot at first because the voltages on the CPU and NB were way too high (I loaded a old overclock-profile in the

I am looking for a copy of some software

Friends and foes, I am looking and searching everywhere for a copy of BlastIT, System33r Windows Uptime and any variant of  Clicker.Outwar. I’m also interested in finding copies of Scramble Tool produced by system33r, that is to say–me.  (666) And a special version of SMW which featured the polymorphic stubs written mainly in ASM. I have