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What’s Your Favorite Linux Distro?

I’m on the look-out for a good rock-solid Linux distribution, mostly for coding, casual surfing and multimedia –, an all-around solution basically. I realize most distributions offer exactly that and it’s basically a matter of finding what works for you; however, I can never settle for something for a long time…I get bored and want to test something

Re-mounted the CPU water block

Hi friends,   I decided to re-mount my water block for the CPU today because I suspected my temperatures were higher than what they ought to be with such a good water block (see photographs of it here) and yes, the water block must have been mounted somewhat poorly. I cleaned both the CPU and

Cool Evaporation PC Mod

I must admit: I do still lurk at the XtremeSystems Forum even though I was unfairly banned (without reason – banned forever) and today I stumbled across a project I’ve been following since the day it began, it’s the Arctic Rain – Evaporative Cooling Build log that I am currently following. This build uses evaporative cooling to

How to Not Remove the IHS

This video details the procedure as to how one should never remove the integrated heat spreader of a CPU. Note how the poor guy’s hands are actually trembling because he realized that the CPU is more than likely damaged  What a tool (and yeah I hate that word just like you — but today it felt applicable

Gondor & The Workstation

I’m just posting two pictures, one of Gondor: my pit bull puppy, I also named one of my servers “Gondor”, see http://gondor.holocaust-news.com – that server has been online since 67 days approximately. You could say I’m a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien and his works, and naturally the “filmatization” of his works, or some of it  So

k0nsl’s New Workstation Is Quick

Right so I finally assembled my new workstation. I didn’t wish to re-install Windows because I have configured it so much to suit all my needs, and I didn’t feel like re-doing all that customization. Also everything is encrypted, the boot as well. It would all just be a hassle, I don’t have time for