devNET community (almost) resurrected

I founded the so-called ‘devNET community’ in the year of 2001 and continued it until about 2005, or some such. I believe something occurred that unfortunately meant we had to close shop. It might have been our host back then (joshie.com) that did some changes to the server and the whole devNET software group page along with it’s subpages were lost (I never kept backups back in those days he he).

In any case I’m currently trying, poking, testing alternative forum software that would suit the devNET community as I’ve decided to resurrect it. In those days we used phpBB but personally I think it’s way too bloated and insecure for my taste.

Right now I’m testing Vanilla forums and this seems like an alternative that would work. But as I say, I’m still evaluating it. I made a short post on Benito about it:

Testing: Vanilla Forums (http://benito.k0nsl.org/blog/?p=51)

And I’ve sat up a test-forum where I’m currently doing experiments. I almost exactly copied the category structures we used back in 2001, and might add some contemporary ones too.

Here’s a screenshot of the current set-up of devNET community:

(click for higher resolution)

So that’s how it currently looks. I’m pretty pleased with it. I have it running on Benito which is powered by the Hiawatha webserver (along with some custom tweaks by me).

I’ll evaluate this for a couple of days, see how I like it. Then either I scrap it or resurrect it.

Comments, criticism and ideas are welcome! 


www.holocaust-news.com is launched

So, hehe. I helped launching another sweet site – www.holocaust-news.com  {14}

It has all the services of a good news service, plus a host of other features such as: minimalistic online community, personal pages for registered members, a forum section and more!

Apart from these features it also has an excellent commentary system, ratings and a growing article database. This solution was launched, completely naked of content, at the 10th of March and is already filled with some good content.

Check it out and do not forget to register! I will help adding many more interesting features.