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BuyVM ‘lv-node16’: basic tests

A few basic/generic tests on BuyVM’s ‘lv-node16’ after their upgrade to E5-2630L CPUs. I don’t have any comparisons because I lost the previous benchmark results, somehow. Very sloppy of me For me, the only interesting results are the UnixBench [1] numbers. [divider]UnixBench[/divider] UnixBench (w/ all processors): 1620.4 UnixBench (w/ one processor): 989.7 [divider]PetaByet Benchmark[/divider] [divider]ServerBear

BuyVM Quick Test

A somewhat rushed test for VPS provider BuyVM (buyvm.net). Just enough to let somebody get an overall idea about the service. I might update this post in the future, especially to format it in a decent manner. I’m revamping the entire blog in three months. So for now it will look like junk As for