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Mirroring entire blog

Hi, Just a heads up, I’m mirroring the entire blog so the format you’re seeing right now will be reverted back to the original when I’m done. If somebody knows of a really easy way to periodically mirror a WP-based blog into perfectly static HTML files, please let me know. What I am doing can’t

Minor changes done

Today I’ve done some minor changes to both the blog and some changes in the server. Added static page for the main page where people can apply for hosting with ease. Completely re-wrote the vhost for k0nsl.org so now everything should be cached by nginx, except some stuff of course. I’m currently testing that configuration

Free blog offer via kr0ked.net

I’m accepting requests from applicants  — or whoever, really — wishing to set up a blog somewhere. Well, I can offer this for free, even setting it up for you. You’ll apply for a subdomain on kr0ked.net, i.e http://you.are.kr0ked.net. Requests can be sent via this link: you merely include details on what type of blog

Varnish now deployed on Gondor

Hi friends, My initial impressions of Varnish are all positive so far. I can’t believe I’ve not given it much thought earlier The configuration syntax reminds me a lot about Squid, which I have a lot of experience with in both the olden days and presently — mostly using it to proxy. Today I’m spending

Get a Free Blog Here

Hi friends ! I decided to let people have their own blog here at k0nsl.org but I think the solution I found isn’t the best, and the other ones available are even more vulnerable in their design — and some of them even wish for loads of money, which can in some respect be understandable

Sorry for the Lack of Updates

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately, and not just on this blog, but also at other web pages I help maintain. I am sick, there’s a error with my thyroid gland. So nothing that won’t be fixed with the right treatment. Sorry for disappointing some of my detractors  This fault in my thyroid gland has made me

Andrew E. Mathis Lies About k0nsl

In a blog-post titled « So much for “k0nsl” » posted 2007, Andrew E. Mathis engages in lying when he says he nailed me in 2005 or 2006 and that my reaction was to shut down all of my Web pages. This is of course nothing but a brazen lie from him. My web pages were never offline for more