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Locking Down WordPress WP-Admin

I’m pretty sure every WordPress [1] user out there has read much about different ways to limit access to the WordPress administration back-end (WP-Admin), and many of them are certainly good. My way is quite simple, although it most likely has a couple of penalties and some pitfalls I’m not yet aware of, but I

Stack changes for k0nsl

I am again experimenting with the Cherokee [1] web server in my stack for k0nsl.org — it currently handles the PHP backend of it all, which so far seems to be working quite nice. Nginx is used as frontend and for most static files, finally Apache2 is used for miscellaneous tasks. The last time I

Cdorked.A Inspector

Below is a tool written by Marc-Etienne M.Léveillé of ESET to check for the existence of Linux/Cdorked.A [1] [code] // This program dumps the content of a shared memory block // used by Linux/Cdorked.A into a file named httpd_cdorked_config.bin // when the machine is infected. // // Some of the data is encrypted. If your

k0nsl.org Quick Benchmark

I benchmarked k0nsl.org quickly today, specifically Apache2 against k0nsl-nginx. The results speak for themselves, I believe. Here’s Apache2: (alternative: http://rawupload.org/pm/68OD/k0nslorg-apache1-bench_k0nsl.html)   And k0nsl-nginx: (alternative: http://rawupload.org/pm/OS4I/k0nslorg-nginx1-bench_k0nsl.html) Pretty good considering k0nsl.org is on a E5640 @ 2.67GHz    Fixes++

Free hosting

[box type=”info”] You can apply for free web hosting here. What you will get PHP/MySQL/cPanel access, with more details in welcome e-mail.[/box] NOTE: I don’t accept more clients, at the moment.   Content that will be automatically removed if found on my server: Paedophilia Homosexuality Everything else is allowed as per UN’s Declaration of Human