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The Stalker Replies

In reply to my post “Got a Stalker? I Do.” — the man stalking me, that’s to say Andrew E. Mathis, posted this: This stalker vividly reminds me of this: This tracking-me-down bit was somewhat disconcerting. Still, I figured the poor guy was a bit of a sad, or lonely, sack, and I thought of my mother

Got a Stalker? I Do.

For close to a decade this man has been trying to gather my private details but has so far only managed to get a few, few details correct. He has in e-mail and on his (now defunct) forum made threats on my life, all in front of his colleagues – one of which remarked that

Holocaust Controversies: No Extermination At Monowitz

On the pro-Holocaust blog Holocaust Controversies [see note #1] which is maintained by a group of hardened Holocaust Enforcers such as Nicholas Terry, Andrew “Handy Andy” Mathis, Sergey Romanov and Roberto “Kinnstützenkamp” Muehlenkamp,  and some other people, they concede openly that extermination at Monowitz, in any shape or form, never happened. Now this is some progress, now

Holocaust Enforcers And Virtual Hate

I’ve publicized these e-mails before, and at other places, but I’m centralizing most of the content and putting it on my blog instead, because it’s a lot easier to keep track of and keep a good updated copy of the backup. Well, these particularly hateful e-mails comes from a Jewish person by the name of Tom Polansky

A Funny Re-Run With Andrew E. Mathis

This guy is nearing his forties but has no knowledge at all when it comes to computers or networking so he spouts accusations of ‘virus-activity’ when something doesn’t work the way he expects it. What a hilarity. See the attached screenshot below. Click on it for better quality ! Have a nice day, friends PS: There are