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American agencies soon to read your e-mail

According to Declan McCullagh at CNET News a host of various federal agencies in America could be reading your e-mail (and more) in just a week’s time — if a proposed senate bill passes through. [quote]Leahy’s rewritten bill would allow more than 22 agencies — including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission

37 Things You Should Be Stockpiling

I received a very interesting video today in my inbox titled: 37 Things You Should Hoard…   It was sent to me by the American Free Press. I thought it to be good enough to post here on the blog, seeing as I talk about sundry issues and have a very mixed readership that all

Americans And Gas Chambers

U.S. animal shelters euthanize nearly four million cats and dogs each year, most of them in carbon monoxide gas chambers – these are the same persons who alleged that the Germans murdered, with all types of gas chambers and with all sorts of gases (Zyklon-B crystals, Zyklon-B pellets, Carbon Monoxide (benzine, diesel and such), and

I’m banned at XtremeSystems Forums

Some days ago I discovered — to my great surprise — that I was banned at the net’s biggest and best overclocking Web Page (or forum, rather): XtremeSystems Forums (xtremesystems.org). The reason given? None. I e-mailed them several times, but was not even granted the courtesy of a reply. I suspect this ban is due for