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Fix AMD Mouse Corruption

This is only a temporary fix for the dreaded “AMD Mouse Corruption”-issue, not a final solution by any means. If all the other solutions has failed, such as re-flashing your card with another BIOS, or whatever else you may have tried, then perhaps this will be of benefit for you. It’s just a simple solution

My Next “Big Upgrade”..

I am almost 100% decided on the next upgrade for the box, which will be used mainly for gaming and a bit of development work, decided to keep the current case instead of spending extra bucks on some fancy pantsy solution, for no real purpose. The case which I currently got is sufficient for what

Small Update on my Watercooling Project

Hi everybody. I just wished to tell of a small update to my watercooling project/build. But first, I had some lunch: And yes I went for seconds too hehe. So anyway, today I thought why not reuse my old Swiftech MCW55 on my AMD 6870 HD? All said and done I stripped off the stock

2nd Place and Silver Cup for k0nsl

I’ve been benching for about a week up until now and slowly and steadily I’ve climbed the ranks of the SiSoftware Official Live Ranker. I got so far that they awarded me with the Silver Cup. Please keep in mind that I’ve done this using only air cooling with the dinky Intel Core i7 stock cooler

AMD Radeon HD 7970 Pictured

Enter the AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHZ Edition: Source: techPowerUp Here’s the details from TechPoweUp: We’ve known since May, the existence of a new high-end single-GPU graphics card SKU in the works, at AMD. Called the Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition, the SKU is being designed to regain AMD’s competitiveness against NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 680. We’re hearing a

AMD HD7970 (droll)

[slider crop=”yes” slide1=”http://cdn.k0nsl.org/2012/02/HD7970_k0nsl.jpg” slide2=”” slide3=””][/slider] DAMN, isn’t this a beauty ??? I’m getting one, probably, but I’m interested to see if Kepler is any good or if it’s just talk, talk, talk. Nvidia can begin by launching it he he I do have a pretty OK card right now, the HD 6870. It’s sufficient for what I