Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason

I was just merrily hopping around on YouTube to find anything useful and somehow I stumbled upon the clip Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason which I found to be OK, with only a few reservations. For example, why do they feature Michael Shermer in it? That guy is a fraud [1].

For example, I found a lot of useful information on him, at this forum:


Anyway. I was met with contempt and foul behaviour from ‘holocaust’ believers when I voiced my opinion, see:


The first guy deleted his expletive commentary, probably realizing that his emotional outbreak would only confirm my point. The other guy, Mr. Graham McCann jumps in and is heavy on the emotional language, using such terminology as ‘Nazi death camps’ to bolster his already flawed argument, which is a mere non-sequitur.

Why do people such as Graham McCann perpetuate these infantile lies?


1. http://www.countercontempt.com/?s=Shermer



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  1. …going thru the names in this video is like attending a jewish wedding :D

    • I didn’t really analyse it in such a way – the only thing I remarked upon straight away was that Michael Shermer was featured in it, which discredits the message they’re trying to convey. At least that’s how I see it.
      Shermer is at the forefront of every fraud there is, not investigating any impossible claims, but rather lending his name to the ‘credibility’ of such claims. He’s a fraud. I’ve seen the way he debates, and getting his head handed to him in literally every one of his ‘holocaust’ debates, bar none.
      An incredibly irrational man, this Shermer! Quite typical for people who promote fraudulent claims, especially in the Shoah-business.

  2. Aha, just a few moments ago somebody who calls herself ‘Catherine Tcher’ joins in and proclaims:

    You are really the worst kind of person.

    Am I being unreasonable here, or even bold? I have not written anything in strong language. I’m just saying that their “death camps” were concentration camps, or labour camps, or relocation centers. I didn’t claim nobody died. Still, I am the worst kind of person according to her.
    Where’s the reason in that, Catherine?

    There’s no “waves of reason” coming from this Catherine Tcher..

  3. Graham McCann continues:

    Those people never actually existed?

    This sort of obfuscation and irrational reasoning is typical for the ‘holocaust’ believer. I always find myself asking; if what they say is true, that the Germans slaughtered millions of Jews in “chemical slaughterhouses” with everything from pesticides to exhaust fumes — with diesel fumes, which in many cases can be cleaner than the air we breath, why are they unable to make a coherent case for those theories. Why is it always mere distraction, responses like “you are the worst kind of person”, or “fuck you, I hope you die slowly and burn in hell”, coupled with threats of jail and physical violence, et cetera?
    The so-called revisionists on the other hand, they’ve got rational arguments and in many cases they use science to help them draw the necessary conclusions.
    See for yourselves at Holocaust Handbooks: http://holocausthandbooks.com/index.php?main_page=1&sort=vod&st=5#entries.

    I can’t understand why these people like Graham McCann and others believe in something which they apparently know nothing about. Incredible.

  4. I am not going to argue that some of the facts about the holocaust have gotten muddled and some have been proved to be made up even. Does that change the fact that they found mass graves and piles of paperwork with human experiments written out? Does the presentation of fallacy discredit the whole story? are you saying that no one died in the concentration camps from overwork and starvation? That the people there were not walking skeletons in the pictures plastered all over textbooks?
    I am not trying to be facetious, I am merely pointing out that there may be some fallacy but that does not mean the whole event did not happen and a lot of people died for no reason other than another man’s ambition for an unobtainable ‘perfect race’.

    • Wait, let me get this straight:

      a lot of people died for no reason other than another man’s ambition for an unobtainable ‘perfect race’.

      Do you believe that the Jews were rounded up and put into camps because Hitler had an ambition (an unobtainable at that), a desire, to create the ‘perfect race’? So the Jews had to be put into camps for this, they couldn’t be booted out and live someplace else, which the records seem to suggest? At any rate this matter had very little do to with “a man’s ambition for an unobtainable perfect race”. In what book where you taught this sort of thing, or did you adopt it on your own? Curious.

      As for this one:

      are you saying that no one died in the concentration camps from overwork and starvation?

      I don’t ever believe I did that.

      Does that change the fact that they found mass graves

      Which mass graves are you talking about, specifically? Can you show me any evidence for these ‘mass graves’, like, forensic evidence?
      As far as I know the Allies never conducted any verifiable forensic studies at Auschwitz, or at any of the other alleged mass murder sites, or alleged mass graves. Can you show me any verifiable forensic studies for the mass graves you speak of? Remember, we’re talking about an incredible amount of people which are said to have been buried in various mass graves across Europe.

      Here is the spoiler:
      Did you know that the only verifiable forensic investigation carried out during World War II was at the Katyn site, in Poland…but not by the Allied Forces! This investigation was carried out by the “Nazis”, see:
      Katyn facts: ‘Amtliches Material zum Massenmord von Katyn’. Who killed the people at Katyn?

      A Red Cross commission concluded that they had been killed by Soviet troops in the spring of 1940, when around 25,000 people disappeared.

      Later, after the war, at Nuremberg, the Soviets tried to pin this gruesome mass murder on the Germans, with the quiet acceptance by Roosevelt who knew it had been committed by the Soviets. For example, one source for that is the BBC, see: “US ‘hushed up’ Soviet guilt over Katyn”.

      There’s a good resource on Katyn, in Russian, which contains many interesting documents, see:

      I guess you must already know that there are many English resources available you can use Google to find them.

      You wrote:

      That the people there were not walking skeletons in the pictures plastered all over textbooks?

      Liberated inmates at Dachau
      These are normal, healthy inmates at liberation.

      These Hungarian Jewish mothers with their babies were photographed at Dachau on May 1, 1945, two days after the liberation of the camp. The official US Army caption reports that these Jewish babies were born during the final months of German control of the camp. (US Army photo SC 205488.)
      These Hungarian Jewish mothers with their babies were photographed at Dachau on May 1, 1945, two days after the liberation of the camp. The official US Army caption reports that these Jewish babies were born during the final months of German control of the camp. (US Army photo SC 205488.)

      I am not saying that there were people in the camps who were not suffering from malnutrition. I never claimed this. To be fair, there were overweight and people of an average ‘normal weight’ too, at the time of “liberation”, both Jews and non-Jews, but they only concentrated on showing the sick and malnourished ones, and scarcely gave others, such as Ada Bimko any considerable amount of time in the limelight, see: http://forum.codoh.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6040&p=41910#p41910, also see “How much did each Holocaust survivor weigh at the time of liberation?”. If you want other examples I’ve got time to create a compilation of fat Jews – if that issue is of importance to you. It isn’t to me.

      I am not trying to be facetious, I am merely pointing out that there may be some fallacy but that does not mean the whole event did not happen

      What you have mentioned so far is really not the core. What is important today for ‘holocaust survivors’ and those promoting the stories is the ‘gas chambers’, nothing else. That’s what is keeping the story floating and nothing else.

      Below is a brief summary as to what I believe to be correct, something which is being accepted by an ever increasing amount of people today.

      It is titled “What does Holocaust Revisionism claim?”:

      First of all, because of false representations by the media, it is necessary that we first clarify what Holocaust Revisionism does not maintain:

      • it does not deny that Jews were persecuted under the Third Reich;
      • it does not deny that Jews were deprived of civil rights;
      • it does not deny that Jews were deported;
      • it does not deny the existence of Jewish ghettos;
      • it does not deny the existence of concentration camps;
      • it does not deny the existence of crematoriums in concentration camps;
      • it does not deny that Jews died for a great number of reasons;
      • it does not deny that other minorities were also persecuted such as gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, and political dissenters;
      • and finally, it does not deny that all the above mentioned things were unjust.

      In the view of the Revisionists, however, all these injustices have nothing to do with the Holocaust, which is defined as planned and organized mass murder, carried out specifically in homicidal gas chambers (see Question 4).

      Holocaust revisionists believes the following to be correct:

      • 1. There was no National Socialist order for the physical ex-
        termination of Jews;
      • 2. Likewise, there was no National Socialist plan for physi-
        cal extermination of Jews;
      • 3. There was no German organization and no budget for car-
        rying out the alleged extermination plan. Consider the
        statement by the world-renowned Holocaust researcher
        Prof. Raul Hilberg:
        »But what began in 1941 was a process of destruction
        not planned in advance, not organized centrally by any
        agency. There was no blueprint and there was no budget
        for destructive measures [of the Juden]. They [the measu-
        res]were taken step by step. Thus came about not so much
        a plan being carried out but an incredible meeting of
        minds, a consensus mind-reading by a far-flung [Ger-
        man] bureaucracy.
      • 4. In detailed investigations of former German concentration
        camps, expert researchers have established: The intern-
        ment camps had no sophisticated methods for mass mur-
        der, in particular no homicidal gas chambers. Further-
        more, the reports of mass shootings behind the German-
        Russian front were greatly exaggerated and taken out of
      • 5. There were neither adequate industrial facilities nor suffi-
        cient fuel to cremate such a huge number of corpses. In
        fact, the capacity of the crematories was barely sufficient
        to cremate the bodies of those who died from starvation
        and epidemics.
      • 6. There is no documentation for the existence of homicidal
        gas chambers, and no material traces of alleged mass
        murders. All ‘proof’ relies on eyewitness accounts only,
        whose unreliability is widely acknowledged.
      • 7. Despite massive observation by spies and resistance
        groups in areas in the near vicinity of the German concen-
        tration camps, all of Germany’s wartime enemies con-
        ducted themselves as if no exterminations of Jews were
        taking place. The charges of genocide were not raised un-
        til after Germany’s defeat, when there was no German
        government to dispute them.
      • 8. Statistical investigations of living Jews worldwide show
        clearly that the losses of this ethnic group during the Sec-
        ond World War were nowhere near six million. The exact
        number is probably well under half a million.

      This is very condensed because the format of this blog isn’t really suited for in-depth discussions. If you genuinely wish to discuss this subject there’s a forum called the “CODOH Revisionist Forum” which I can highly recommend:

      • I found my way here via the quarrel in the comments section and would like to voice my opinion to you in a less hostile environment. Althogh I may strongly disagree with you on several points, I can tell that you are capable of holding an intelligent and respectful argument, a quality that is exceedingly rare amongst the (mostly) ignorant morons on the YouTube comments section. First off I would like to say that I believe you to be a bit of an internet troll. Even if you’re doing it unwittingly, there is no way you expected to not be assaulted by arguments, especially on a video like that. I think that maybe you should have stated your beliefs more clearly (or, for that matter, at all). Most people, when told that someone doesn’t believe in the holocaust, assume that they think that it was completely false and entirely made up. I personally believe that this “Revisionism” philosophy is much more reasonable than the latter. As far as my personal beliefs on the holocaust, I believe that it is true; however, I definitely think that the truth has been stretched, especially concerning the alleged medical experiments performed on the inmates. In your response that I am replying to, you postulate that the Jews could have just been booted out of Germany. Well Hitler did not wish to CREATE the perfect race. This race already existed. The falsely named “Aryan” race Hitler believed to be perfect. He wished instead for everyone to be the perfect race. This would require the mass extermination (terrible word to use when referring to human beings) of all other races. Hence the concentration camps where they were rounded up and executed. Also I can probably find many more pictures of large heaps of dead bodies stacked against the fences of concentration camps all clearly dead due to malnutrition. Also the healthy-looking inmates may have only arrived at the camp relatively recently and when a person goes without food for a few days they will actually bloat at first, gaining a very large amount of weight. Ada Bimko herself says that over 75% of the prisoners were bloated from hunger in that movie referred to by that article. The chocolate comment is taken way out of context. They had just begun to recieve those red cross packages only two days before the British army finally arrived and they were liberated. Two months before they recieved 150 kilos of chocolate for the children of the camp. Ten were distributed. The rest the commander kept for himself and used it as barter for his own personal benefit. In this movie they also show the gas chambers and the parts of them and how they work. I will get off my soapbox now and see what you have to say to that.

        • Thank you, Mr. H. That was very well-written and I absolutely agree that I could’ve been a lot more descriptive and perhaps not so blatant. But that’s how I am. I will however keep this in mind for the future.
          As for your ‘gas chamber’ (singular?), where do you say it was located, and what movie are you referring to? Let’s see if this ‘gas chamber’ is alleged to have been located in Germany proper (something that will have a very negative impact on your entire argument). Anyway, bring forth the specifics; where was it supposed to have been located, and which movie are you talking about?

          Thanks again for the kind comment.

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