Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason

I was just merrily hopping around on YouTube to find anything useful and somehow I stumbled upon the clip Symphony of Science – A Wave of Reason which I found to be OK, with only a few reservations. For example, why do they feature Michael Shermer in it? That guy is a fraud [1].

For example, I found a lot of useful information on him, at this forum:

Anyway. I was met with contempt and foul behaviour from ‘holocaust’ believers when I voiced my opinion, see:


The first guy deleted his expletive commentary, probably realizing that his emotional outbreak would only confirm my point. The other guy, Mr. Graham McCann jumps in and is heavy on the emotional language, using such terminology as ‘Nazi death camps’ to bolster his already flawed argument, which is a mere non-sequitur.

Why do people such as Graham McCann perpetuate these infantile lies?



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