Stupid Holocaust Believer Quotes

Good day friends.

In this post I intend to gather some funny, retarded (alternatively stupid) quotes from people believing in the Holocaust (that’s a big H). Some of these people are so unreal that one sometimes takes for granted they’re shills straight from some Shill Academy in Israel.


Let’s begin, shall we:

So explain nazi scumbag , if Holocaust is a lie why have all german leaders in the last 65 years fully admitted it? (Dany Rom)


Why has the UN decided on the 27 January, the day of liberation of Auschwitz , as the Commemoration Day of the Holocaust if the Holocaust is a lie? (Dany Rom)


The Germans got what they fully deserved for electing Hitler as chancellor and starting WW2 and causing the death of 50 million people. (Dany Rom)


If there was no HOLOCAUST how come that all german leaders in the last 65 years fully admitted it? When have you ever seen a powerful innocent taking responsibility on a crime that never happened? (Dany Rom)


If germans would have denied the Holocaust, they wouldn’t have elected Angela Merkel. (Dany Rom)


What statistics do you need, do you doubt the elections in Germany are free and democratic? (Dany Rom)
If the germans aren’t pleased with the law aginst the Holocaust deniers they can elect politicians who promise to change the law.But they remember how , due to Hitler , Germany looked after the war like Japan after the tsunami and millions of german girls and women were raped or were fucking for piece of bread, and have absolute no intention to have another Hitler.  (Dany Rom)

The last two, I couldn’t ignore. So I wrote back:



Your comparisons are — to put it lightly — absurd. That’s like saying just because Israel have treated the Palestinians like shit since 1948, they ought to be treated even worse…and of course, nobody has the intention to treat Palestinians like shit again after that, right?

You must be a newly graduated shill, a real bad one. Funny that you only target issues that deals with Israel and the alleged Holocaust as your subject here on YT.

Guaranteed shill.





Right. Let’s continue with the quotes:

The germans are lucky the russians only raped the german girls and women and didn’t kill them all. (Dany Rom)


If you believe that some note of Himmler is contradicting the entire human tragidy of the holocaust, you are not worth to call yourself a human being. (Roosje Keizer)


The best thing of this video is the visit to the camps of the German population. I hope they were in schock for weeks. (Roosje Keizer)


Hitler was looking for the final solution of the Jew problem and the German nazies helped him with that. (Roosje Keizer)


Hitler entered into history, as the most despicable murderer (Dany Rom)


Hitler was elected by the overwhelming majority of german civilians and intended to kill all russians (Dany Rom)


Then a confused Steve Jones enters the discussion, he does the classic:

My father was at the liberation of Auschwitz, the things he told me continue to haunt him to this day, hes now 88 years old


Somebody attentive noticed the deception and asked:

Your father was at the liberation [of Auschwitz]? Is he a Russian ?


This causes Steve Jones to quickly remember differently:

My mistake, he was at the Liberation of Bergen-Belsen and Neuengamme, he believes it was in early 1945. (Steve Jones)


Okay, we move on:

The SS carried out the holocaust because they were trained to be psychopaths

Here’s a tribute to this trained “psychopath”, link: A tribute to Michael Wittmann.


That’s all for now. Imagine, I picked out only quotes from three Holocaust Believers and this took me at maximum five minutes to compile. What if one spent a week collecting this junk?

The majority of people in these discussions are actually against the idea of this Holocaust and it is they who make the rational arguments. The number of people who don’t believe in the Holocaust is growing every day 

If you have amazing Holocaust Believer quotes please send them to One day we ought to compile a compendium of this junk.


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