Stülpnagel tortured for weeks?

Don’t you just sigh when somebody makes claims and can’t back them up? Some people seem to automatically believe that whenever a person was hauled off for interrogation or imprisonment by the Gestapo the arrestee was to be tortured, exhaustively.

This is of course for the most part never true — but people will still continue to write that “this and that person” was tortured “in the dungeons of the Gestapo” in the most gruesome manner.

Enter Carl-Heinrich von Stülpnagel. Below we can see in-action such a claim, but when challenged on it, what happens? Absolute silence. Church silence.


Some people must learn that saying so does not make it so. Wikipedia is notorious for containing baseless and often completely misleading information when it comes to this, but when one reads the pages on Stülpnagel — and even those with relation to Cäsar (von Hofacker) — there’s no mention of Stülpnagel being tortured for weeks by the Gestapo. Same with Nizkor, they often mention torture by the Gestapo but leaves out any and all of the alleged evidence for this.

MacLoyful and others must learn that you just can’t say such things and expect to get away without being challenged 


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