Stories from Treblinka

Earlier today I tried to respond — in haste — to an article I was alerted about on Mail Online, but they wouldn’t have any of it. A swift deletion and my benevolent questions and concerns were gone with the breeze.

This was however anticipated because the ones who take part in spreading anti-German filth such as Mail Online usually don’t allow discussion on the subject at all. They just want to spread this denigrating junk thus poisoning the minds of many unsuspecting folks, especially the younger ones.

This time they have decided to let Kalman Tagiman and Samuel Willenberg vent their “stories”. They are both engaging in lying because nothing they say have ever been corroborated with evidence.

Saying so does not pass for evidence.


Here’s my swift reply just eyeing through the article in a hurry. I am sure one could fill-up on considerably better and more elaborate questions — but as I say, I was in a hurry. I do however encourage others to take part:


Stories from Treblinka: Last two living survivors speak of horrors and haunting memories from Nazi death camp | Mail Online.


Good story. I have some questions on this; how was 15,000 Jews killed
in one day and where are the physical remains for all these people? I have gone through museums, books and seen documentary after documentary on Treblinka and have never come across any verifiable evidence to back up the claims for extermination in this camp by method of gassing people with carbon monoxide.
It’s just claims, never backed up with any evidence.

So in lieu of this I find it a bit intricate to swallow the story as it has been presented here at Mail Online by these two so-called “survivors”, although it was packaged really well. Almost too well actually.
The story also comes across as having the tendency and feeling of being just another story that denigrates Germans. Until stories such as the one presented here by Mail Online, the Germans, or whoever else, should feel no shame or guilt for these alleged events. The story is worth nothing until the claims made therein are proven.

I write this in a positive spirit! If the Germans didn’t exterminate the Jews in the unimaginable manner that has been described by the so-called “eyewitnesses” this should make people happy, not sad.

My saying is always “be wary”: and this applies especially when I hear or read stories such as the one presented here on Mail Online.

Be wary.


Yup so that’s all. I encourage others to try commenting on this story. Anything just to show Mail Online that not everybody swallow these stories hook, line & sinker.

[UPDATE: As of today (August 14 2012) they are no longer accepting any new commentary. What a coincidence, just as myself and some friends I know were about to take part in the “debates” there, Mail Online makes the decision to just stop new commentary — that’s the spirit of Holocaustianity: but informed people know precisely why Mail Online closed down the commentary on their article, just as it was about to get little bit interesting there.]


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