Stay away from SSDVPS

Hi all,

I just wanted to send out a little “warning” about SSDVPS(dot)com. I have had active services with this company since 2013…however, a few days ago I noticed my services were not responding, so I went to check the issue. It said they had terminated my services due to non-payment: which is of course not true, as I always pay my bills.

Here is the exchange I had with them about it:


Well, as a response: how about SUSPENDING the client instead of terminating the VPS, to begin with? Terminate the VPS only at last resort. That is more sane and more so considering that you rely on shitty IPN, or whatever.

Anyway, I’m done with them and can now use the money elsewhere. A plus for SSDVPS is that they did in fact refund me – something I thought they would object against. So kudos for that, anyway.


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