SSD disk (OCZ Agility 3)

Right. Three weeks ago I made a purchase of a Solid State Drive – brand being OCZ, and model Agility 3.  It’s capacity is a meager 60gb but that’s enough for my main system. When I used the mechanical drive the system felt so slow – despite me having state of the art technology. This is why I decided to see if the claims that SSDs would speed up things considerably…

What can I say? Everything I read and heard about the SSDs were true. They are damn fast! It made my system so responsive that it boggled my mind :-D

Without a doubt I can recommend buying SSD disks. I’m gonna invest in a much better in approximately two months – because I have to invest in a new motherboard along with a new CPU: It seems like it will be between the i7-2600K or a cheaper alternative, I’m not sure yet. It must be a quad core in any case. I have a quad right now but it’s outdated and I’ve overclocked it so much that I don’t find it reliable any longer.


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