Speed Optimizations – Done!

I’ve managed to optimize the server (and the underlying code in the blog) to be a lot snappier now, although WordPress still has that characteristic “sluggish” feel to it, regrettably.

But obviously a lot of things has been done considering GTmetrix gave it an average rating of about 68 in Page Speed Score only some weeks ago. Now it almost tops the charts, and this without much effort. Actually there’s a lot more that could be improved, but I’m OK with this right now.

Google gives it a PageSpeed Score of 95 (out of 100).

k0nsl Optimized New2 k0nsl


That’s the most recent measurement. As I say, I’m happy with it 

If somebody is in need for server optimization, configuration, software optimizations and similar services – I’m all for it. You can reach me at i.am@k0nsl.org.


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