Someone to Remember: Irma Grese

Irma Grese 1923 ✠ 1945 Irma Grese 1923 ✠ 1945

Someone I think we must pay our respects and remember today is the brave Irma Grese. She truly exemplifies what a German should be like. What a girl. She never wavered or relinquished her faith  – even in the face of hopelessness and death. Always steadfast.

She was hanged on absolutely false charges from beginning to the end – made possible by lies from hateful scoundrels such as Olga Lengyel, merely puke in human form. Literally! I’m not kidding, look it up. The witnesses could hardly tell the accused apart therefore the ever so the ‘helpful’ Americans hanged signs with numbers on the necks of the accused so that the accusers could more easily identify their victim.

Letter from Irma Grese dated 29 November 1945 to Helene Grese

Letter of Irma Grese to Helene Grese.

Leni! My dear little sister!

You have made me very happy with the good news from home. I am quite another person. Now we must cross our fingers that I can stay alive. I am not letting my courage sink, and I hope that a little change will come into view.

Leni! Is it true that my Anneli has left something good for me? This was my only wish, to get something like that so as not to be hanged like a witch! [1] Now I am quite at ease, for now I know that I can avoid the terrible manner of death by making an easy end to myself. Leni, please send best wishes to my Anneli and many, many thanks for her sports event, which has come to me as if on demand!

If I should no longer be in a position to thank Annelies, you will have to look after it, for she is my saviour – ! (You know what I mean, don’t you). Just imagine, Leni! Anneli likes me so much, she is putting her own life on the line just to free me from the fear of death. She is quite simply rescuing me from the terrible fate that is facing me. I can’t find words of thanks, for it is the greatest happiness granted to me in the last days of my life! That happiness is: a sports event from my dear Anneli!

Don’t have any bad thoughts, for I am still a little hopeful !! – If it really must be, and I am to do, don’t you be sad, for I am dying for my country! You have to be as proud of that as I am! I can still hope and not let myself be robbed of hope! —– If I have other thoughts I will write to Anneli too, since she deserves it!

Kisses from

Regards to Anneli.

Additional letter – to her Mutti and Papi.

Dear Dad, dear Mum.

In the last hours of my life I want to let you read my thoughts as a last greeting. I believe and hope that you, my dear Daddy, know your dear daughter very well and will keep me in your memory for all time. For that reason I have a last great request for you: Cast off all your sorrows, your grief that have plagued you in these weeks. You must not say – If only. No, that is wrong. This is how you must think:

My dear daughter Irma is and was a young, brave girl, with a pure German soul inherited from her dear Dad! My German courage and my brave mood give me the strength to live and, if it must be, to die! If fate has determined to tear me from this earthly life so young, then let one thing be certain: that I, as your daughter as you know me, as a brave German woman unreproached by the Germans, will go into the unknown with a clear conscience and above all proudly! I refuse to let any trace of fear or despair enter my heart. Peace and a great strength have replaced them, and these two I will cling to, and they will be my true companions until my last breath.

It was never my intention to exalt myself in any way. But they will not have the triumph of seeing me demean myself by even a finger’s breadth. And whatever they all think, if anybody asks, tell them, my dear Dad: Irma, yes, that was my daughter and always will be! You need not be ashamed of me. For I am doing my duty loyally for my Fatherland! Just as I and others did our duty, so we go to meet our fate!

I do not count, because I was far too small. But those who do count will live on, and hopefully will repay like with like! Even if it takes a certain period of time, there will come a time not to leave injustice unerased.

Dad, hold your head high, even if it is hard. But I believe that both you and my dear Mum will be as strong as your dear daughter Irma.

Tell my dear friends, aunts and uncles, that I send them all my greetings; let them remember me as I was.

Mum and my brothers and sisters, take my last farewell, and think always that though I die physically, I will always be with you.

My life is in the hands of the judges, but not my honour!

Your dear daughter


Comment from k0nsl

It is a huge misfortune that there isn’t enough photographs of this beautiful person on the Internet. She looked like a true film star – even in the dungeons of Allied captivity. Simply stunning!

I recommend reading this too:


1. Anneli was a girl who as a court observer became particularly interested in Irma Grese and took up written correspondence with her via Helene Grese. She apparently wanted to procure poison for her to enable her suicide.]



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  1. PS, I know “ирма” is wrong, but it’s a very common search term used. So if it helps some people get here, why not.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful website on Irma and the collection of pictures. Her letters reveal a very loving side. It’s good to be able to read something truthful- letters that she has actually written herself -instead of the outrageous lies that can can be found all over the internet. It is especially enlightening to read Ms. Fenelon’s memories of her, which I have not found before I came to your site.

  3. This entry is the most searched article on k0nsl.org and this clearly shows that individuals such as Irma Grese can and will be rehabilitated. Ms. Grese was good.

  4. Hallo künsl ist zwar interessant was du geschrieben hast stimmt aber z-.t. nicht. der brief wenn er überhaupt existiert wurde an vater und mutter geschrieben die mutter war aber schon surch suizid verstorben. kann also gar net sein. zum anderen habe ich das gefühle das er nicht echt ist weil in dem brief zitate vorkommen die auf anderen webseiten vorhanden sind. trotzdem netter bericht

    • Hi Zoran, or Stalin boy,

      I’m wondering, what made you feel like you do? Irma Grese demonstrably never did a thing wrong, nor anything wrong according to the German criminal code of the times, and neither under the same criminal code of today. Do you feel like this toward any person working in a prison environment?

    • hi there K0nsl! i’m originally from Parkdale but moved to Scoresby (australia!!) and i just wanted to tell ya you’re blog is a great read and your articles about Grese is very interesting to me because i had only heard about her via schoolbooks and in the jewish literature. Irma Grese was a great woman in the face of jewish chutzpah and vengeful lies ;-(

      May she rest in peace! Feel free to write me K0nsl my e-mail is Loshoudis@gmail.com

  5. Why on earth would you start a website for this war-criminal??? This woman tortured, killed and maimed prisoners that she was responsible for, including some of my relatives. The only sad thing about the way she met her end is that they killed her in a relatively painless manner – through hanging. That was more mercy then she deserved.

    • Who did she kill? Give me only one name of a person killed by Irma Grese. As for the rest, its useless. I’ll let you attempt to prove one of your claims.

      I want proof and not the opinion of somebody. One name is enough.

      May she rest in peace!

  6. this dirty animal called a human deserve to be fried in the flames of hell forever. the bitch was one of the worst insane nazis.

    • Hi “Felix” [skildpadde2@gmail.com] (from Skive?),

      Please try not to post hateful comments on this blog in the future. You’ve been reported to SFS [1] so that others may be spared hate from you.

      Thank you for understanding.

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  7. The “wise woman” with the e-mail “thetruthshallsetufree@realtalk.com” please don’t spam this post with blatant hatred. I removed your commentary.

    Keep it civil, or get lost.

  8. Hi May!… cannot believe this beautiful girl Irma Grese could do all this stuff again the lies always seem to come to the surface before the truth.. as usual!! only thing is there is a woman near to where i stay looks like her… constantly reminding me of her!

  9. She was found guilty because she was good looking and the press of the time ran stories that named her, she had a public profile and justice had to be seen to be done.

    points to ponder regarding her case;
    — she was never issued a pistol (dispels the accounts of her shooting people)
    — several of the witnesses who testified against her, years later admitted to have lied, maybe being wrong, said it might not have been her, or that it was something they hadn’t seen just heard about.
    — 2 of the American military policemen guarding her, refused to escort her to the gallows, and faced court martial’s because of it.
    — the military hangman refused to hang her, and a replacement civilian hangman from Britain was brought in especially to fulfill the sentence

  10. the fact of the matter is that she was present at a nazi death camp wich systematically slaughtered millions of people because of there enthnic background or there religion she willingly took part whether or not she killed anyone is erelivent she knew what was happening and went along with it along with many others nothing you or anybody can say can defend her she was and still is to this day evil personnefied to make up excuses for her is well staggering to be honest she has gone down in history for what an evil women she was and rightly so she may have been young but so were many of the poor victims of the evil regime she worshipped

    • Dear Mark,

      You’re supposed to be from Great Britain (Northamptonshire?), really? Mark, I hope for your own sake that you are a very young person. You must be judging from the way you write. At any rate, Ms. Grese worked at the following places: Ravensbrück, Auschwitz-Birkenau och Bergen-Belsen. As it is, neither of these camps served a sinister purpose, or that of “systematic extermination”. History has changed this and thus rehabilitated Irma Grese. As a side note: did you ever see this new documentary by Eric Hunt which shreds away the lies about Majdanek? If not, here, have a look: http://quotes.k0nsl.org/the-majdanek-gas-chamber-myth.html.

      Have a good day.

  11. Since Trutube started and I opened an account there, I have always had the heroic Irma Grese as my Avatar, just like I have had Sylvia Stolz, the German Joan of Arc as my Avatar on YouTube since 2008 and CODOH since 2011.

    Heil Irma Grese!

  12. The truth and the lies associated with this woman are spellbinding. her sister Helene tried her best to present a better picture of her, but in the end she went to her death with too many witnesses defaming her. Only God knows the truth.

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