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I have spent a bit of time removing and purging left overs from software previously used on and now most of it has been removed and replaced with new ones. For example I previously used eAccelerator (and sometimes xcache); these two have been removed (in the case of xcache) and replaced with APC Object Cache, Memcache(d). And yes, I do use them concurrently because both have their individual uses and despite what some people may say – one can use both depending on the purpose.

I’m also contemplating moving entire over to another server and dedicate it entirely for it seeing as I make way too many changes all the time on this server and that could be negative for the users that are on it (in some cases). But I held the promise I made some two months ago in a blog post; “uptime will be improved dramatically the upcoming months”, and it has improved – see:


Only very minor disturbances and that was mainly because of system upgrades and me testing software.

As I wrote in the beginning, Memcached is now running on [gondor] and I also distributed it onto “puff” (another server). But it’s just for testing and for making comparisons. You’ll note in the screenshot below that I’m using very small amounts of memory allocated for it right now – but these small amounts seem fine seeing as [well the blog to be precise] only receives some 1500 / 2500 unique visitors per day right now. The blog is also quite optimized codewise. But if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears!

That’s all for now. By the way, I’m quite aware that the logo is not very legible…

If you can do it better, let me know:

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