This is my way of keeping out unwanted visitors from accessing my PimpMyLog [1] instance — using CloudFlare and ordinary nginx directives. A temporary solution as potsky is already working on a final solution [2].

[sourcecode language=”plain”]
map $http_cf_ipcountry $allow {
default no;
DK yes; # Set this to match your country (default is Denmark)

And to get it all working we add this in the server block:

[sourcecode language=”plain”]
location /LocationForPimpMyLog/ {
log_not_found off; # I do not need this for PimpMyLog
access_log off; # see above

# Return 403 if GEO mismatch is found
if ($allow = no) {
return 403;

allow; # Change this to your IP (or range)
deny all;
# the end

That’s it


1. PimpMyLog on GitHub
2. Anonymous access #76

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