Small Update on my Watercooling Project

Hi everybody.

I just wished to tell of a small update to my watercooling project/build. But first, I had some lunch:

And yes I went for seconds too hehe.

So anyway, today I thought why not reuse my old Swiftech MCW55 on my AMD 6870 HD? All said and done I stripped off the stock cooler and checked to see if the waterblock made contact with the core, which it did. So therefore I decided to watercool my AMD 6870 (GPU) as well and run it on a dedicated loop, just because I can. 

I actually got my MCW55 right after it was released via Swiftech themselves in 2004 or some such, I forget the exact date — but it is a very long time ago. It’s a terrific block, really. All it needs is some cleaning (I suppose) then it should be good to go!

I will be using this HWLabs radiator for my GPU loop, I think it will be enough:

That’s all for now, just a quick update. I will order all the rest of the needed parts in about six days or so. I’m quite excited actually!


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