Siegfried Verbeke’s German Holocaust booklet

 Auschwitz: Fakten versus FiktionDer Holocaust und die Wissenschaft.

Published by Siegfried Verbeke siegfriedverbeke@hotmail.com 


The glossy cover of this 54-page booklet features a US Air Force aerial photograph taken of Auschwitz-Birkenau on 31 May 1944 when allegedly 6-20 thousand Jews were gassed and burned and thick smoke billowed forth from the chimney covering the whole campsite – so according to eye-witness testimony. The back cover features a photo of the Auschwitz-Birkenau German-language plaque with the 4 million figure for the period 1940-45. In 1990 these 20 plaques were removed and in Spring 1995 they were replaced with a lower figure, that of 1-1.5 million deaths. The question is asked, is it not legitimate to rehabilitate those individuals who up to then were heavily fined and imprisoned for denying the 4 million deaths figure at Auschwitz? And what about those Germans who were sentenced to death by the International Military Tribunal on the 4 million figure?

The introduction is a racy one-page overview of how the ‘Holocaust’ has been used to destroy German society and how, for example, Fred Leuchter was arrested at the German TV studio even before he had a chance of saying anything at all.

Witness statements taken from soldiers are ridiculed because such ‘confessions’ were extracted under force, as is proven by one of many photos.

Trials against German soldiers were farcical, for example the 1950 trial against SS officer O Hoppe who had 130 witnesses testify against him that he was involved in the shooting of prisoners at Buchenwald concentration camp, something that 16 years later was proven to be an outright lie. Many forged photographs were also used to bolster the ‘Holocaust’ story.

[Interestingly, such fabrication of alleged facts is currently playing itself out  at another level within the German media between historian Joachim Fest and long-time literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki. The latter is fabricating stories (outright lying, like currently the Norman Finkelstein allegation against Alan Dershowitz – though in this case it appears that Dershowitz is the liar.) about Fest because Fest was involved in the latest film about Hitler: Speer und Er, something that Reich-Ranicki (Scheusal!), the so-called literary ‘Holocaust’ enforcer in Germany, cannot accept without inferring baser motives on Fest’s part.  The fact that Fest helped write Albert Speer’s book, and that Speer’s claim that he did not know anything about the gassings/‘Holocaust’, is for Reich-Ranicki a lie, which serves to hide Fest’s true intentions – of wishing to whitewash Hitler and the National Socialists. The issue is explored inDer Spiegelwww.spiegel.de No 25, 20 June 2005, and it is instructive here to read the full article because it clearly illustrates that the current argument on the ‘Holocaust’ rests on the assumption/premise that “it did happen”.  This point indicates how shaky the foundations of the ‘Holocaust’story are, and why it is imperative that Revisionists be silenced. When I visited Albert Speer in his Heidelberg home during the 1970s, he said the same thing to me – then added that he still accepted the guilt that flowed from an acceptance of the extermination story. It looks as if Fest will stand firm against the Scheusal!

The booklet focuses on the German concentration camps where eyewitness evidence about their nature began to contradict itself. The situation about the alleged extermination camps in Poland is similarly portrayed– Belzec, Treblinka, Auschwitz.

Udo Walendy and John Ball are just two researchers who have pushed the Revisionist boundaries further towards factual truth. Robert Faurisson’s basic research of 1978-79 was confirmed by Fred Leuchter in 1988 during the Ernst Zündel Toronto Holocaust trial, and by Germar Rudolf in 1991. The overview of Auschwitz is concise with a colour page in the middle of the booklet featuring a number of photographs. There is the Auschwitz I mortuary claimed to be a gas chamber, that even in 1996 van Pelt/Dwork de-commissioned as ever having been a homicidal gas chamber; the alleged roof vents through which Zyklon B is supposed to have been thrown – so according to eyewitness testimony! There is a photo of the swimming pool that in the latest book on Auschwitz is passed off as a fire pond [Laurence Rees: Auschwitz. The Nazis & The ‘Final Solution’, BBC Books, 2005 – ISBN 0 563 52117 1This book’s dedication reads: IN MEMORY OF 1.1 MILLION MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN WHO DIED AT AUSCHWITZ]; two small photos feature Germar Rudolf chipping away at the stained and non-stained walls collecting samples, and more.

Daniel Goldhagen is called a successful spreader of lies, while Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List, serves to illustrate how fiction is sold as factual truth, but remains pure German hatred propaganda.

The Wannsee Protocol is still deemed to be the document that proves the beginnings of the extermination process – something that is absolute nonsense – unlike with the International Red Cross Report where the fact that the IRC did not report any extermination is held to be proof that it happened. The Einsatzgruppen murders allegations are raised and the question asked: What happened to the Jews? – and the numbers game begins where the difficulty faced by those who believe in the six million deaths how to explain that over four million individuals have made compensation claims on the Germans.

And then towards the very end there is an admission: there was a Holocaust, that of German cities, the Wilhelm Gustloff, the hatred against Germans as propagated by Kaufmann, the brutality that befell German women as they trekked westwards out of east Germany, etc.

A final double page lists most of the important German Revisionist books available from Verbeke.

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