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Well, so what’s new. I’m having a great Christmas so far. The food is marvellous for sure !

Right now I am taking a bit of a break from all the festivities. I’ve had folks here for visit and now they’re all gone. Also, next month, me and [myg0t]h4x^^ has scheduled a meeting at my place which I am looking forward to very much, I must say.

Back to the topic ! Today I finally got around to do something useful with because I found inspiration in the work by Dwayne Charrington and have thus spawned my own version of “Hacker News”. Now you may ask why? Well, quite simply because the moderators are too touchy at HN and they totally avoid “sensitive” topics. Who likes that? I don’t. One should be able to handle any topic, no matter the subject. They’re mostly Americans and America preach this view to ALL OTHER COUNTRIES but their own. That is so twisted, isn’t it?

That is one reason why I decided to launch my own type of HN. Sure, it still needs a lot of tweaking and perhaps more features, and most of all, a different spiced up design.That is however on the way. I’ve no more to say on this, actually. Do feel free to test it out and see what you think about it.

I wish you all a great day.


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