Andrew E. Mathis #7 (static vs dynamic)

Andrew E Mathis writes: [quote]The word we use in English is “static.” It is static, not dynamic. So could I. But [DELETION] doesn’t know how. He’s demonstrated that amply.[/quote] [spacer style=”2″] My response: Incorrect. Dynamic is something which is not static or constant. Therefore, for instance, my IP-address could possibly be dynamic whilst some other persons

Andrew E. Mathis #5

Andrew E Mathis writes: [quote] OK, you’re done on this thread. Respond to the issue of pornographical involvement in Scandinavia as regards Jews or exit the thread.[/quote]     It would appear that you have missed the point entirely, Mister Mathis. My comparison of Jewish involvement in the pornography industry was that you were free to

A Funny Re-Run With Andrew E. Mathis

This guy is nearing his forties but has no knowledge at all when it comes to computers or networking so he spouts accusations of ‘virus-activity’ when something doesn’t work the way he expects it. What a hilarity. See the attached screenshot below. Click on it for better quality ! Have a nice day, friends PS: There are

Andrew E. Mathis Lies About k0nsl

In a blog-post titled « So much for “k0nsl” » posted 2007, Andrew E. Mathis engages in lying when he says he nailed me in 2005 or 2006 and that my reaction was to shut down all of my Web pages. This is of course nothing but a brazen lie from him. My web pages were never offline for more

Franz-Roberto Commentary (p.1)

[box]Commentary between Franz and Roberto.[/box] Roberto Muehlenkamp said: « Try a little less stupidity when misrepresenting my words. You act as defense attorney for a specific non-Jewish regime, moreover like a particularly slimy and obnoxious defense attorney. And also one of the most ignorant and incompetent, admittedly in a field where even the best defense

“k0nsl is a profesional Holocaust denier”

k0nsl is not just some kid who read something nutty on the web and believed it. He is Germar Rudolf, a professional Holocaust denier. Well, back when the quote above was written I actually was – more or less – a kid. But he’s right in one other aspect; I didn’t ‘just read something nutty

The Stalker Replies

In reply to my post “Got a Stalker? I Do.” — the man stalking me, that’s to say Andrew E. Mathis, posted this: This stalker vividly reminds me of this: This tracking-me-down bit was somewhat disconcerting. Still, I figured the poor guy was a bit of a sad, or lonely, sack, and I thought of my mother