More harassment from Andrew E. Mathis

As anybody knows who follows me, I’ve started to centralize stuff onto the blog. Put most of it on just one place. I have added some of the many threats, harassments and other stuff by Andrew E. Mathis here — for the most part these threats have been hauled in my direction, but also in a lot

Andrew E. Mathis: “You should rot in hell.”

Andrew E Mathis writes: [blockquote]You f*cking maggot. How dare you tell *me* to seek help; you’re the one running the pornographic hate site. You should rot in hell. Signed, Andrew E. Mathis [/blockquote]   Basically I told him to seek help because he made some very outrageous statements (note #1). Not only were they of hateful nature

Mathis: “Why I don’t have a listed phone number…”

Andrew E. Mathis writes — in an empty message containing only the line below — bearing the following heading: “Why I don’t have a listed phone number…”: [blockquote] Furuliden 5 46155 TROLLHÄTTAN SWEDEN Mobile phone: 073-5458350 [/blockquote] I told him this: I can actually imagine how you sit behind your monitor copying and pasting this

Andrew E Mathis: “Germar Rudolf is in a sham marriage”

[box]Response to Andrew E Mathis (discussion with the “Holocaust Doctor” Andrew E. Mathis, PhD.)[/box] Germar Rudolf is in a sham marriage (Signed: Andrew E Mathis) What is your evidence for this assertion? Let’s just say, for now, that they’re “strong hunches.” (Signed: Andrew E Mathis) “Hunches”? So in other words there is no evidence for this assertion.