“What was their motive for confessing?”

A person calling himself “Village” on the ‘hunting grounds’ of TIME.COM asked some questions of me earlier today, although a lot of it were intended to obfuscate and distort what I had written. So I decided to quickly knit together a short response for him. Village wrote: so you contend that every Jewish family who lost people

“Tijger” Defends Censorship

In the discussion of an article (see note #1) issued by Ars Technica where a French court wants Twitter to identify “racist” and “anti-Semitic” users I encountered somebody with the moniker “Tijger” – apparently this chap has invested in the Holocaust Belief, because it took only milliseconds for him to respond to the following comment I made there: I’m

Disastrous Passover

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said: Jews operate according to one important principle: when order prevails nothing is to be gained. Through out history many people have been killed so that some Jews can get the blood they need for the ceremonial pastries and bread. Hammad Nidar Khadatbh A 15 year old Palestinian boy found mutilated

The Other Israel: The Whole Story of Zionist Conspiracy

[videojs mp4=”https://k0nsl.org/bag/media/TheOtherIsrael01_k0nsl.mp4″] [divider]Information[/divider] In this video, Dr. Theodore Pike, who holds a degree in theology, reveals the real Judaism and the real Israel. He exposes the Talmud, the Jews’ holy book of the law, as a wicked and vile guide full of satanic sayings. Ted Pike also unmasks the Kabbalah, the mystical Jewish religious system

Fedora 18 “Spherical Cow” Released

Fedora 18 has finally been released and here are the highlights: The firewall daemon firewalld will be the default firewall solution for Fedora 18, replacing system-config-firewall. Using firewalld will allow for application of policy changes without reloading, allowing connection states to stay unbroken when rules are changed. UEFI Secure Boot will be supported in Fedora

Holocaust Enforcers And Virtual Hate

I’ve publicized these e-mails before, and at other places, but I’m centralizing most of the content and putting it on my blog instead, because it’s a lot easier to keep track of and keep a good updated copy of the backup. Well, these particularly hateful e-mails comes from a Jewish person by the name of Tom Polansky


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