What is the difference between Marxism and National Socialism?

Somebody asked me: “What is the difference between Marxism and National Socialism?” One difference between Marxism and National Socialism is that if Hitler had imitated Marxist methods, as everybody accuses him of doing, he would have shot millions of people immediately after taking power and there would have been tens of millions of people incarcerated in those

Amerikanische Verhörpraktiken

[box]Quelle: Geschichte der Wehrmacht[/box]   Colonel Edward Leroy van Roden war ein VS -amerikanischer Richter und Mitglied einer offiziellen Untersuchungskommission zur Aufdeckung von Folter an deutschen Gefangenen und Geständniserpressungen durch die Alliierten. In der „Chicago Tribüne“ vom 12. März 1949 wurde van Roden mit den Worten zitiert:„Wenn Gerechtigkeit Platz greifen soll, dann müßte man die

The Versailles Diktat was not a Peace Treaty

The Versailles Diktat was not a Peace Treaty, the terms of it forced onto Germany, and that even though Germany had not surrendered unconditionally, but had agreed to an armistice, based on the Wilson 14 point program. The Germany of Wilhelm II did not want war, that much is clear. The Kaiser, as well as

Andrew E. Mathis Lies About k0nsl

In a blog-post titled « So much for “k0nsl” » posted 2007, Andrew E. Mathis engages in lying when he says he nailed me in 2005 or 2006 and that my reaction was to shut down all of my Web pages. This is of course nothing but a brazen lie from him. My web pages were never offline for more


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HIMMLER MURDERED??? Interview with author Joseph BELLINGER

INTERVIEWER: Hello, Mr. Bellinger, may we commence with the most typical question possible: could you please introduce yourself swiftly to our readership? Certainly. I am an American freelance writer, investigative reporter and independent researcher. I am a relative newcomer to historical revisionism.  I have written as a free lance journalist for various independent newspapers and book publishers