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Low Intelligence Allegedly Linked To Racism

An article published on the (dis)information network ‘Exposing The Truth’ bears the headline “Low Intelligence Linked To Racism”. If we are to believe these ‘studies’ doesn’t their findings suggest that Jews are a people of simpletons, a bunch of imbeciles? If we take into consideration the following undisputed facts: the stringent race laws in Israel

Roberto Muehlenkamp on Forensic Investigation Methodology

Roberto Muehlenkamp wrote: [blockquote]Actually it’s k0nsl who is avoiding simple demands – such as the obviousness of his having to demonstrate that, as he claims, a forensic investigation requires “independent spectators from major countries observing the procedures and methodologies” to be considered objective. Instead of producing any rules or standards of evidence requiring what he

Holocaust Denier Roberto Muehlenkamp: The Grisly Truth

We male and female anti-fascists of the Anti-Fascist League against Holocaust Denial know that one should never ever enter into a discussion with the racist, anti-Semitic and neo-fascist neo-Nazis, who cynically deny with pseudoscientific‎ arguments the commonly known historical fact of the world-historically unique murder of six million Jews by the inhuman Nazi regime. For

RE: few words about your site

[box]Message from Samia on the topic of my old web site. Dated 1/27/05.[/box] Samia writes: Dear K0nsl, Hi. I am Samia from Pakistan.I have been thinking about writing to you, and here I am. I wanted to compliment you on mounting such a well-researched online effort to pull apart the whole idea of holocaust.Surely, not a