Bellum “Digerati” mendacium

Replying to “Digerati“:“Digerati” has been flaunting a particular quote from the so-called “Holocaust History Project” website. A quote supposedly by a certain Hermann Pfannmüller. The alleged quote goes like this: For me as a National Socialist, these creatures [handicapped children] obviously represent only a burden for our healthy national body. [recalled by Ludwig Lehner]. I presume Digerati does not

Digerati’s grandfather

Digerati writes: [quote] Let’s leave it. My grandfather told me what happens in concentration camps; he was actually there. He witnessed first-hand the atrocities that the Nazis committed. He had to watch the Nazis shoot his friends. He had to feign death for hours in a pit filled with dead, bloody corpses so he could escape

IRC is online again

Okay, so I finally got around to fixing the IRC server again, and this time I decided to keep it very simple. The IRCd is ‘Feisty Weasel’ coupled with Atheme IRC Services [1]. Took a bit of modding for the services, but they’re working fine The web page [2] for the IRC is very simple.

Hatemongering Jewish Bus Lady

This one was just so sick I had to include it in a post. Download:   [divider]Trivia[/divider] * msh ( has joined #taunet <k0nsl> someone should tell Digerati’s sister to keep her mouth shut, or shut it for her <k0nsl> i think they were a bit harsh on Digerati in this video

RE: k0nsl

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