Screenshot of my workdesk

This is how the desktop looks on my main workstation, the one where I do most of my work on. I’m going to tidy everything later – for the most part I’ve got everything synchronized to be saved and backed up on two external devices, which I modded – they were originally just plain 3.5″ disks but I switched them out and put in 2.5″ SSD with updated firmware and they’re now keeping my data safe. If one fails, everything will be on the other, and vice-verse 

The hardware is a quad core top-of-the-line processor from Intel (come on AMD, do a great come back and own Intel like in the olden days), but it’s quite constrained as the main motherboard for this workstation is dead, and has been for over three weeks now, but I have not had time to send it to RMA – and I’m thinking about just throwing it away because it’ll probably die again. It has done this twice now.

So with this motherboard I’m temporarily using right now there can be no overclocking because the chipset does not support it, and it only has two memory banks so I can only use 8 GB when I was going to be using 24 GB. But still, it does the job.

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