Sago Networks: Two Quick Benchmarks

Me and kollek bought two Xeon E3 dedicated servers from Sago Networks almost three days ago, and here’s two quick benchmarks which I ran on them. The servers are only loaded with Proxmox VE at the moment — so they’re more or less running stock — nothing else is running on them. All fresh and with no VMs.

PetaByet for server01:

PetaByet for server02:

Speedtest.net Test



Additional Benchmarks

ServerBear Benchmark for server01: http://serverbear.com/benchmark/2014/08/02/G0T6EoufwxUm5Z0X

ServerBear Benchmark for server02: http://serverbear.com/benchmark/2014/08/02/uLUacn8YeQNjigw6



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