Roland Freisler was a “fat fuck”?

As allegations hail in all directions we often don’t question them or at least ask the one making the allegation to back it up with evidence, or the very least with a source. Not so with myself – I find myself asking for evidence and sources quite a lot, more so since people make some very interesting claims and allegations against the ever so evil “Nazis”.

They (the “Nazis, of course!) sure are good targets if one wishes to make baseless claims and allegations. One merely have to look at that “shitty little country” Israel to see that it flourishes because it survives on making false claims relating to the period when Germany was under National Socialist rule. Israel thrives on this — and everyone else looses on it.

But back to the issue more specifically. I often engage in “discourses” at YouTube, one can meet people there that can be — with ease — classified as more or less brain-dead.

Two such persons we meet in the below screenshot of a discourse I had with them over Roland Freisler. “myf0lk” does however take home the biggest trophy.

Click on the screenshot below for a higher resolution

Notice that one of them have received so many negative votes that the scribblings aren’t even showing up unless one clicks to show them.

Sure, this happens to myself quite a lot too since I speak of the Holocaust so nakedly. There are so-called “run of the mill” believers in large numbers at places such as YouTube and they probably instantly vote down my comments because they are too uninformed to make a proper reply to them, plus they probably figure I’ll call their bluff and that they’ll be asked to substantiate their claims. Life sure is tough to be a Holocaust believer these days! In the “olden” days they got away with making their claims just because people such as myself knew too little about it to actually make something out of it — not so today 

I remember in school, when I was in sixth grade, and the bigger boys in the ninth grade had a discussion about the Holocaust and a couple of the boys told the others that it was a lie and that he’d bring literature with him the next day, which he did.

What really got me interested was his way of presenting it, he told the others of it in such a calm manner, with everyone around him listening passionately, and the believers who were hoovering around him could not counter his arguments at all — all they mustered were their standard “Mother Word” mentality, i.e: accuse your opponent of being a proponent of this-and-that thus hoping that whoever listens will sway away from their target. Total disaster. Today one would say that he “pwned” them 

Today “myf0lk” pwned himself. What a nutroll.

Happy days!


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