Roberto Muehlenkamp and His Father


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I got this information via “Blogbuster”, Wikipedia, and Google Images.


Apparently Roberto Muehlenkamp’s father is Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp, who fought in the SS division Das Reich in a Reconnaissance Battalion. Interesting to note is that Mr. Muehlenkamp has always denied this connection, often vehemently.

In his own admission Muehlenkamp suffers from depression and eats medical supplements such as Lyrica to ease it. In the Holocaust Controversies crowd Mr. Muehlenkamp is probably one of the most fanatic ones – and it is my conviction that “Nestbeschmutzers” such as Roberto are the most frantic when it comes to talking down their own history and degrading their fathers.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp:

Johannes Rudolf Mühlenkamp, born 09-10-1910 in Metz, Alsace-Lorraine, was one of the early members of the NSDAP and the SS, joining on April 1933. Mühlenkamp was given the party number 2.800.042 and the SS service number 86.065. He was first assigned to the 4th SS Standarte Schleswig Holstein in Hamburg before being moved to the 2nd SS Standarten of the SS-Verfügungstruppe in 1934. Then, Mühlenkamp had been selected to become an officer in 1935. He was sent to the SS Juncker School at Braunschweig. From April to May 1936, Mühlenkamp completed motorcycle training with the 2nd Panzer Division, being highly successful in pre World War II motorcycle competitions. On completion of his officer training, Mühlenkamp was assigned to the 2nd Battalion of the Germania Regiment, 5th SS Panzer Division Wiking, as a platoon leader on November 1937. Mühlenkamp took over command of the Motor Cycle Company on May 1938. At the eve of the war, Mühlenkamp was the Divisional Adjutant of the SS-Verfügungstruppe Division, until December 1940, when he was given the command of the Reich Division Reconnaissance Battalion, Commander Paul Hausser (see Hausser). On 13th of September 1939 15th motorcycle company from SS Regiment “Germania”, while protecting the road Przemysl – Lwow, captured Sadowa Wisznia. Then it attacked by surprise and captured a Polish 500 men strong battalion which was marching along the road towards the east (although most probably it was a group of reservists not a battalion). During the night from 13th to 14th of September German forces in Sadowa Wisznia were attacked by forward elements of II. and III. from 98 reserve infantry regiment and suffered casualties: 19 killed (mainly from the 3rd platoon), 3 wounded, all motor vehicles of the 3rd platoon, 11 captured (mainly from the 3rd platoon) including the commander of 15th company – Hauptsturmführer Mühlenkamp. Poles reported capturing 11 POWs; recapturing 500 prisoners from German captivity; destroying 8 cars; booty was 12 motorcycles, 2 cars and 2 truck.

Living in Bredelem after the war Mühlenkamp, aged 75, died on 23-09-1986 and is buried on the Stadtfriedhof of Bredelem.

It is widely believed that the original Muehlenkamp (Rudolf) was quite the ladies man, and had numerous “trysts” with women throughout Germany. 

Compare Rudolf Mühlenkamp  to Roberto Muehlenkamp:


“Blogbuster” says:

No reasonable person would dare to make the claim that Roberto is not a descendent of Rudolf. They are nearly identical. Only difference is that Rudolf, despite being a devout “Natsoc”, was probably a proud and honorable military man who would be disgraced by the antics of his idiot offspring Roberto. That is if he even bothered to provide him some legitimacy, which he apparently did not.

Roberto Muehlenkamp of Holocaust Controversies vehemently denies the claim of lineage most likely do to the fact that daddy didn’t want him.

The Hate Blog watchers have had professional third party photo analysis done at their own expense and the results were 89% conclusive that they are father / son.

Roberto Muehlenkamp suffers from a severe form of acute bi-polarism and agitated depression. He doesn’t deny his affliction, although he has desperately attempted to down play the serious nature of it. (despite being institutionalized).

Psychiatrists often attribute bi-polar behaviour to individuals who were rejected as children.

Perhaps this is the reason Roberto behaves in the nasty way he does?


One wonders why Roberto Muehlenkamp decided to become a professional Holocaust Enforcer. The man must have been a promoter of the “gas chamber” stories for longer than I have been alive…so almost three decades!

And what has he got to show for it?

Roberto says:

Since I started opposing “Revisionism” I have come across several persons, including one of my co-bloggers, who have turned their backs on “Revisionist” BS. But I don’t remember having witnessed anyone becoming a “Revisionist”.

The illustrious thing, though, is that his co-blogger never even was a holocaust revisionist to begin with. Alas, the man can not even be truthful about such a petty detail. 

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